Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Recap and November Goals

Quick Bailey Update: Bailey is doing well today, she loves her canned food, and has not had diarrhea or blood in her stool today. I am a very happy dog mommy so far.

October Recap:

October was a very busy month, and I have to admit that I LIED back on the first of October! I said I wasn't going to race at all in October and ended up doing two. Both were just for fun and very memorable. I took first in my age group Running with the Buffalos 5k and lost ten pounds of sweat running the Denver Gorilla Run

There was a lot of seasonal fun had as well with a Oktoberfest train ride

Pumpkin patchin'

and lots of swim, bike, run and eating!

I wish that I had kept track of my workouts better, I have no totals to share so that leads me to my Goals for November:

  1. Keep track of workouts better. I am participating in the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge and the Pile on the Miles so I need to keep track!
  2. Run at least 70 miles
  3. Swim for at least 12 hours
  4. Bike for at least 20 hours
  5. Do my PT exercises every night
  6. Do abs and arms exercises three times a week
  7. Eat healthy (except on Thanksgiving, on that day anything goes!)
These are as always ambitious goals for me, we'll see how it goes!

Workout today was spin this morning and hopefully a snowy 6 mile run later.

What are your goals for November?


  1. Glad to hear puppy is better. Boooo!
    I think having a list of goals is a great way to stay on track!
    My goals are to build explosive power & strength, get my backside in the pool more and enjoy training in general. Dec 1st, my butt belongs to Sonja :) lol
    Thanks for the follow-

  2. I have hefty goals for November, too....but I am pretty anal about tracking my miles, I even have them logged on TWO log sites - haha. LOVE the picture of you and your husband. Your hair is soooo pretty!

  3. Yay for the puppy being better! That is awesome news! My goal for November: I haven't figured it out yet.

  4. Great news about the puppy

    I like your goals

  5. Awww Bailey is adorable! I originally wanted to name my dog Bailey too! Love your will rock them!