Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ironman Wish List - Part 1

It's the start of holiday shopping and obviously Ironman gear is at the top of my list. I decided that I would start a Ironman wish list series. While I don't expect to get everything on my wish list it's fun to dream. If you have a Ironlady (or any triathlete/runner) in your life this may be helpful.

2XU Recovery compression tights

Product description: With Graduated Compression engineering to promote maximum blood flow, the 2XU Recovery Compression Tights utilize next generation PWX POWER fabric for greater pressure and recovery benefits by improving blood circulation and removal of blood lactates for faster muscle repair. Graduated compression, with higher levels in the lower leg, encourages maximum blood flow return toward the heart and "flushing" of the muscles. The Recovery tight can easily be worn discretely under clothes to recover while at work, home, or school. In addition to daily post activity wear, the Recovery tight is comfortable enough to sleep in for maximum recovery aid. Our exclusive Antibacterial treatment minimizes odor and will not wash out of the garment. (source)

Recovery is so important for endurance athletes and these tights get great reviews!

Rev 3 Bikini

This will help me stay motivated to eat right and work on my 6 pack 2 pack

Garmin Forerunner 405 Water Resistant Running GPS

This is a fantastic training tool and is water resistant so you could wear it during a triathlon. I don't currently have a GPS and think I may need to upgrade soon.

Momentum II Softshell Jacket from Salomon

Light weight warm-up SOFTSHELL jacket combining wind-resistance and breathability. Ideal for active nordic skiing or winter training. (source)

This jacket is nice and bright and would be great to get me through those long winter bike rides...please Santa!!!
nuun Strawberry Lemonade

This would make a great stocking stuffer, I love nuun and go through it very fast.

What is on your wish list?



  1. I love the bikini! Very nice!

    I need to think about my list. I think the big thing is a new hydration system for my bike.

    I hope you get a few of the items you want!

  2. Nice list!! I can't believe x-mas is coming so fast! I need to start working on my list!

  3. I like your wishlist!! I am going to make one too maybe santa will bring me some goodies!!! :)

  4. I love the list

    The 2XU compression is not as tight as other brands, just in case your like tight compression

  5. that's a nice list! You'll want to go with a 310xt or 910xt if you want to use the watch for tri, though. The 410 is not intended for use while swimming. You can wear it in the rain, but don't submerge it. Plus, the xt line has much longer battery life. The other garmins won't make it through an ironman.

  6. Fun stuff! :) I need to get my list started... oh, but where to start?!?!

  7. Garmin has some new toys you might want to check out. 410XT and 910XT. I think those are the numbers. You can never have too many workout clothes.