Friday, March 7, 2014

I've Moved!

I finally made the move to self hosted!

I have owned the domain name for some time now but didn't really know how to make the move to self hosted. With a little research and help it turned out to be fairly easy. I think I have the main things set up like all my archives moved over and auto redirecting set up but please let me know if something isn't working.

It feels good to have made the move but now I need to figure out all the finer points but it's fun to figure it all out.

Have any tips for a newbie self host-er? Anything you wish you had known earlier, or great tool you have found?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” 
― Laozi

I feel that my life really is full of spontaneous changes at the moment. After a long job search my husband finally found a job he was really excited about just to have the company fold two months later. We also have been on a roller coaster trying to sell our house and are left in a bit of limbo. All of these changes and uncertainties come with life and training falls on the list of priorities. 
For a couple weeks I resisted my reality, tried to muster through peak training for Cabo while trying to pretend I wasn't miserable. But I finally decided that I needed to re-prioritize  and accept the training for an ironman next month is not my reality right now. 

I am very sad about this decision as I have been looking forward to this race for a long time and have put in weeks of work already. But as soon as I made the description I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. So I know it's the right choice. I am also excited to train again with a renewed focus on Ironman Canada. 

On the up side the trip to Mexico will still happen since it has already been paid for and I will have a blast cheering on my friends that are racing. 

So here's to accepting where I am and moving forward with a smile. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Ironman Los Cabos Training – 9 weeks to go...

It's a shame that nothing has been posted in between training updates, I don't want this to become just a training log, but for now this is what week 9 looked like. We had lots of snow that kept me indoors more than I would like. It was also a recovery week so a little lighter than normal. I had hoped to work a massage in as well but house hunting and Superbowl watching (boo) won out. 

Planned rest day

40 minute MAF run
75 minute trainer ride

4000 yd swim (longest in awhile) 

90 minute trainer ride

3000 yd swim
4 hour trainer ride (not too bad but would much rather be riding longer outside)

Snowy long run

Swim: 7000 yds // 2hrs 36 min
Bike: 77 miles // 6 hrs 45 min
Run: 15.8 // 3 hrs 4 min
Strength: 0 min

Total: 12hrs 25min

This definitely felt easier than the last few weeks, as it should for a recovery week. I am looking forward to stepping it up the next three weeks for peak training bring on 20+ hour weeks and hopefully riding outside! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ironman Los Cabos Training – 10 weeks to go...

Whew, I am late getting last weeks recap up here, but better late than never! Las week had an unplanned rest day for me with a snow storm causing a two hour commute (missed my swim) then an offer on our house that same night so I spent the evening signing contracts (yay). I hate missing workouts but coach said no big deal so I guess I will move on. In the big picture selling my house trumps one day of workouts. The week started out easy to recover from the half marathon then ramped up.

Here is what my week looked like:
2600 yd easy swim

Hour  trainer ride in the morning  
30 min MAF run

Bike strength and Power on the trainer
Easy shake out run

Snow storm and contract signing
Strength training
Bike hill repeats on the trainer

16 mile run
2200 yd swim

75 mile bike with 40 minute t-run

Swim: 4800 yds // 2hrs
Bike: 116 miles // 10hrs
Run: 22.3 miles // 4hrs 45min
Strength: 45 min

Total: 17hrs 22min

Overall this week felt ok, next week is a rest week so I am looking forward to a little step back before my biggest set before Cabo. Bring on peak training!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 SOAS Racing Team

I was pretty stocked when I opened my email earlier this month to read that I had been selected to be part of the SOAS racing team.

I first noticed SOAS kits on some of my favorite bloggers and was impressed by how cute they were. I looked into the company and really loved how they were women specific
And were made in the U.S

I bought my first kit and wore it all summer training for Ironman Lake Tahoe. It was my go to kit anytime I had a long ride on the schedule, nothing was more comfortable. I wore it for a half ironman and was supper comfortable everything stayed in place. It was my plan to wear my SOAS kit was for Ironman Lake Tahoe but when the snow came the day before and the temps dipped below freezing warmer plans had to be made, just arm warmers weren't going to cut it.

This year with two Ironman races on my schedule I will be proudly rocking the SOAS team uniform.

Do you have a favorite brand? I think getting something women's specific is key!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Ironman Los Cabos Training – 11 weeks to go...

In my last post I talked about my new coach Beth (can get very confusing since my name is Beth too but it’s fun that our last names rhyme) . Since I don’t want to give her services away for free and everyone’s training should look different I won’t go into too much detail here about my workouts. Here is what my week looked like:
Easy spin (that I moved over from Sunday)
2,000 yd swim

Hour tempo trainer ride in the morning  
Interval run (in the dark)

Pyramid trainer ride
 3100 masters swim
hour easy(ish) trainer ride
60 minute tempo run
Strength workout
3000 yd swim
4 hour endurance bike ride with a 30 minute transition run
Half Marathon race (recap soon) quick strength session

90 minute easy spin to get the junk out of the legs

Swim: 8250 yds // 2hrs 45min
Bike: 124 miles // 10hrs 27min
Run: 27 miles // 5hrs 5min
Strength: 1hr 10 min

Total: 18hrs 45min

Overall this week felt really good, I am happy to be back into a routine and really enjoying my workouts. My race on Sunday was definitely was not set up to be a PR but it felt good and was fun to race and see friends.

It’s a new year have you started your training cycle or still in off season?

Friday, January 17, 2014

New Coach

I can’t believe January is already more than half over, time is flying. I feel like I am constantly running to catch up but I know things will improve. As mentioned in past posts there was a lot of change in my life come end of December/beginning of January. Life is a little hectic now but I am loving training and where things are headed.

One of the new exciting changes is a new coach for 2014. I signed on with Beth Gerdes from Reve Endurance to help me get through Ironman Los Cabos and Ironman Canada this year.

I started working with Beth at the beginning of the month and I am loving the program and her coaching. I think it’s really a great fit and am excited to see how races go this year under her guidance. So thanks Beth for taking me under your wing, I am excited to get to work with you!

At the end of the week I will start documenting how training is going, this time it will be a shorter training log since Cabo is just a short 10 weeks away. Lots of cold rides, dark runs and hours in the pool. Nose to the tape…