Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Morning Swim

Workout: 1 mile(ish) open water swim ~ Hoping to get a 3 mile run in tonight

This morning’s swim was great, I love swimming in open water as the sun is coming up (although that makes it hard to see some of the buoys). The people at the lake recently changed the course due to the water level becoming lower and lower. The guy manning the sign-in told me that he thought the course was now between 750 and 800 meters. I thought that was perfect so I could practice my sprint distance and track my time. My first lap was 19 something and my second was exactly 20 min. I REALLY hope that he was wrong about the length or my swimming has gotten really slow. I can normally swim a 750 in the low 16s (not that speedy but I am hoping to lower that to 15 min by the end of the summer). It would sure be nice to have the new garmin that can be worn in the water so I could track how long it really is!

This is the lake I get to swim in =)

If I get out of work at a decent hours I am hoping to run 3 miles tonight.