Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Almost Fall

Ok maybe technically it's not almost fall and the weather here in Denver is really trying to remind me that is is still summer.
See the seasonal average? 85 would be a lot nicer than the mid nineties we have been having.

Regardless fall is my favorite season and sometimes it feel like we go straight from summer to winter, so I am going to start celebrating fall/harvest now. I also heard that Starbucks is bringing out their Pumpkin Spice Latte today (is that true?!?)
While I may still be wearing my summer clothes and sweating it out on my bike
my house will smell like pumpkin spice and I will be happily watching football while recovering.
What is your favorite season?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

September is Runnerd Month - With Candice

Candice over at I have Run put together a fun little event/contest/giveaway

From her site:
Here are the rules:
  • Leave a comment letting me know you are going to participate.
  • Post a photo that reflects the word of the day somehow. You can post on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook. Your images should be running or training or health/fitness related.
  • On Twitter, make sure you include the hashtag #runnerdphotoaday with each post.
  • On Facebook, be sure to follow the Runnerd page and include @runnerds in the comment for your picture.
  • On Instagram, become my friend (ihaverun) and include @ihaverun in your comment.
  • You will receive one entry for each picture you post (up to 30 entry possibilities). I can only count the entry if it is linked back to me somehow, otherwise I won't know about it.
  • I am ordering the Runnerd prizes this week. There will be at least five prize winners, selected by at the beginning of October. I will post the list of prizes once I know exactly what they are.
To receive extra entries, you can invite others to join the Runnerd Photo-A-Day fun before it begins on Saturday. You will receive one extra entry for each place you post (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and/or your blog). That's up to 4 extra entries total. Be sure to let me know you shared the Runnerd Photo-a-Day love so you get the extra entries!

Be creative. We don't want everyone doing the same thing with their pics. If I absolutely love your pic and post it on my blog during the month, you'll get an extra entry.

And don't worry if you miss a day or don't start on day one. I want this to be fun!

And now for the list:

September 1 - time
September 2 - sweat
September 3 - up 
September 4 - inspire
September 5 - kitchen
September 6 - fun
September 7 - reflection
September 8 - show
September 9 - ready
September 10 - strong
September 11 - watch
September 12 - food
September 13 - logo
September 14 - looking down
September 15 - book
September 16 - friend
September 17 - run
September 18 - how you feel
September 19 - in
September 20 - technology
September 21 - circle
September 22 - first
September 23 - grow
September 24 - new
September 25 -word
September 26 - red
September 27 - favorite
September 28 - song
September 29 - personality
September 30 - runnerd


Should we start with Runnerd??
I plan to participate, do you? I don't think I will be able to do it every day with a full time + job, grad school, training and presenting at my industries biggest annual conference.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

13 Months From Today....

Exactly 13 months from today I will be toeing the line of Ironman Lake TahoeIMLakeTahoe-600x336.jpg

I am so excited for this race and to get back into Ironman shape. It's not time to start officially training yet but I have a general plan to get myself into the best possible shape in 13 months, plus a few mini goals along the way.

Month 13: Strength and speed focus, I think I have forgotten how to run other than the ironman shuffle - train for sub 2 hr half marathon

Month 12: Bike Base - Hopefully run a sub 2 half marathon (I am not terribly hopeful that this can happen this fall, if not I will try again in the spring)

Month 11: Run Base - 5k focus

Month 10: Swim Base - break 25 minute 5k

Month 9: Overall Base

Month 8: Build Capacity

Month 7: Build Capacity - try to break 2 hrs (again?) in a half marathon

Month 6: Build Capacity - Maybe run a marathon =)

Month 5: Build Capacity

Month 4: Build Capacity - Sub 7 hr half ironman(ish) distance at Pacific Crest, the bike is 62 miles long

Month 3: Peak

Month 2: Peak - Break 6:30 at Boulder 70.3

Month 1: Peak/Taper - Ironman Lake Tahoe - I would like to break 15 hrs, but will reassess closer to the race

I wanted to do three half ironman in preparation but between Pacific Crest and Boulder I don't think I can squeeze another one in. Anyone know good ones in late July and late August?

Have you ever started prepping for an event over a year out? I haven't before but when you have to sign up 15 months in advance it starts to seem more normal

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fall Planning

Is anyone else sick of summer and ready for it to be fall already? I know as a triathlete I shouldn't want summer to be over because that means the end of triathlon season but it has been HOT here in Denver and I am ready for cooler weather.

Something that always gets me excited for the next season is race planning. My goals for the fall are low key, nothing crazy big, focus on getting lean and preparing to start Ironman Lake Tahoe training in January. I know it's not technically fall yet but please bear with me....

Rattlesnake Triathlon: August 18-19 still deciding on the sprint or olympic


Lead King Loop 25k (hint hint honey, I want to do this for my birthday) - Sept. 16

Boulder half Marathon - October 21st going for sub 2 hrs!


Anthem Turkey Trot - 5k or 10k

and the winter distance series that I have done for the past two years will take me into 2013 with a 5k, 5m, 10m

That's it for the plan, a lot of repeats here so I will have to look for something fun and new to do as well.

How far out do you plan your races?