Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tri Club

Yesterday the hubs and I joined the Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club, I am excited to meet other Coloradans that do triathlons and learn a lot more about training and racing. On a more exciting note, registration for Pacific Crest Half Ironman is open for 2011. We plan to sign up this weekend, I am so excited to commit to this race! My knee is holding up so far, I ran 3 miles yesterday with only minor pain and this morning I went to a weight training class with no knee pain at all. I stopped going to weight training class in June when triathlon training ramped way up and I just didn't have time to go, and I didn't want to be sore for y long runs and bike rides. But man, I paid for it this morning! I was shaking half way through the class, I will be sore tomorrow!

The last few weeks have been busy, including a trip to Oregon and a two week visit by my parents. (my dog Bailey and I running on the beach)

It's been nice getting back to routine, although I leave Saturday for two weeks out of town. I hope to get better about posting almost everyday so I can have a good log of the build up and training for Pac Crest.

And now back to work with Alex

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trial run, training and travel

I decided that after 3 weeks of NO running that I should take my damaged knee out for a test run. I planned to go only 2 miles and run really slow. At about a mile and three quarters I was getting excited, I didn’t have any pain until that point and in my head I was planning a comeback marathon in November or December. Somehow my body must have known my devious plans because suddenly I got a shooting pain in my knee that brought me to a walk, I walked for a minute and was able to start running again but I was so disappointed. Not even two miles…..really? I guess I will set my sights on something a little more realistic. Like a 5 mile trail run in early October.

Given that I have just now decided when I will start racing again and how far it will be, that means that I don’t have a training plan and haven’t had one in a while. I HATE not having a plan. I am flailing a bit right now trying to figure out a plan. I don’t have another triathlon planned until next year so I don’t have a lot of motivation to ride my bike or swim. So one of my tasks for the weekend is to sit down with my husband and write out a training plan for September. I would like to run the 5 mile race in under 45 minutes. I want to work on my speed this fall so when half ironman training starts in December I will be ready to start adding miles on.

Another goal of mine was to really start eating healthier so it will be easier on my body when training really starts to ramp up this winter. This may prove to be difficult given that I will be traveling for almost 3 weeks out of September. This is NOT the norm for my job, I rarely ever travel, although I will now in my new position. I know that many athletes travel for their day jobs and find time to train and eat well on the road, I am not one of those people. Once off my daily routine I tend to let everything go, don’t exercise and eat anything in sight. I really don’t want to do that this time, mostly given that I will be traveling for such a long period of time (I don’t want to come back 10 lbs heavier)! SO I really need to figure out how to keep some normality on these trips (which include, Houston, NYC and Vail).

Wish me luck, Happy September everyone!