Friday, January 25, 2013

Packing for Miami!!!

I am so excited to be heading to Miami tomorrow. I really hope I haven't forgotten anything, after a hectic day at work I laid everything out in the spare room of our house hoping that I would be able to make it all fit into my carry-on, I'm too cheep to pay the extra but I don't like to pack light. I love to have options so packing isn't my favorite task. I couldn't decide what to wear for the race so I packed two options
My forst choice is tank top and capris, my second choice is shorts and a t-shirt. It's like I have completely forgotten how to run in anything above 50 degrees. Race start is at 6 am (ugh, that's 4 am mountain time)
The race temps look pretty great, but the humidity is a little intimidating, I think the highest we have gotten lately in Colorado is less than 40%. No matter what I am so looking forward to this trip, hangin with Amanda from Run to the Finish and wearing my summer clothes that I had to pull out of storage. 

Anyone else racing this weekend? My mom and hubby are racing the Yeti Chase in Colorado. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ironman Lake Tahoe Picture Recon

While I was "studying" last night I started googling information about IMLT, I had been getting very nervous about the amount of climbing there would be on the bike. After scoping out the elevation profile carefully I compared it to the IMCDA profile since that is my best frame of reference . It looks like Tahoe has less than 1000 feet more than CdA. Tahoe will definitely be difficult but I had it in my head that it was going to be twice as hard.

As I was trolling around the internet I found a blog called IM Tahoe Live written by a triathlete who lives in Tahoe. This site has amazing information about the race! He has loaded videos of the swim area, and the bike and run course. Plus tons of photos and information about the race.

Photo pf the bike path that the run will be on [Source]

I had fun checking out all the information I could find, the one downside was that I was getting so excited about the trip and race that once it was time to go to bed I felt too ramped up to sleep. Thankfully it didn't take to long to wind down and fall asleep. 

Anyone else so looking forward to races that aren't until this summer, or in my case fall?!?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ironman Lake Tahoe Training Week 4

Training update is a couple days late but I had the day off yesterday and fully enjoyed a full day of recovery with the hubby. This week is a recovery week after three build weeks. The formula for during the work week usually looks about the same but the weekends are getting bigger and I have to say I love it. We got out on a 50 mile ride and 13 mile run this weekend and it was great to be out in the sun (too bad I don't have a heated outdoor pool to swim in) Guess I should move to San Diego!
Monday: Complete Rest =)
Tuesday: 90 minute interval run
Wednesday: 75 minute spin
60 minute strength 
Thursday: masters swim 
Friday: easy yoga  
Saturday: easy shake out run if time
Sunday: ING Miami Half Marathon ( thanks to Amanda)

I am happy for a recovery week, normally I am not that excited about them but it lines up perfectly for a mini taper for ING. But more importantly my legs are trashed after last weekend and I need to let the my muscles rest, recover and come back stronger. I didn't think that last weekend was that big of a weekend but I haven't been on my bike in a long time (mostly been on a spin bike) so the 50 miles left me tired and sore. Then on Sunday it was so nice to be out in 40 degree weather running that I pushed the pace on the 13 miles more than I have the past few weeks. Biggest lesson I learned was that spin class is great fun but I need more time on my bike, outside whenever I can or on the trainer.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gettin Out of the Box

No I don't mean the CrossFit Box, but Someday I would love to try it out. I mean out of my gym, it had been crazy cold in Colorado lately but when Saturdays high was forecasted to be 57 degrees I was stoked to get out on my bike. I even got to try out my new Zoot Knickers that Cory got my for Christmas, I loved them, they kept me nice and warm and I fel lie less of a goob then when I used to put running tights over bike shorts.
Cory and I did an easy 50 mile out and back to from Broomfield to Boulder. It was awesome to see SO many other cyclists out on the road.

Today we set out for a 13 mile easy run, it was awesome to breathe easy and not have to bundle up for once. 

The Nuun giveaway goes to Live4endurance (I used if you haven't checked out this blog you should, I haven't read a lot yet but he has some pretty great posts and is only 16!!! Live4endurance (I couldn't find your name) please email me your adress  at bethcn at gmail dot com and I will send your nuun to you.

Happy weekend everyone, I will be enjoying one more day of a long weekend happily.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Hello! I have some randomness to report so a three things post seemed appropriate.

1. I judged a grade school science fair this morning. Kids think of some funny shit people! One was testing to see if kids were more flexible than adults and the board was full of spread eagle crotch shots (testing to see who was better at the splits). So funny!

2. Everyone I mean EVERYONE at work is sick and with different stuff so I have been loading up on antioxidants and vitamins from tea and nuun (want some?) as much as possible.

This has been my typical breakfast lately and I am sick of it

I finally ordered some Healthy Bites from Lindsay and I can’t wait to get them! They are much less processed than Luna Bars (nothing against Cliff they make great products)

That’s it for me, anyone have at least one thing they want to share?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hydration Nation - A Giveaway

Hello out there! I am happy to report that we are finally seeing a warm up here in colorado. It's been rough the last week with highs in the single digits and lows sporting a negative.
Snowy Street.jpeg
Thankfully the streets are thawing and it's much more comfortable to be outside. Regardless it's not warm out and this time of year it's easy to get dehydrated since you aren't as motivated to drink up as you are in the heat of the summer. So I was extra excited to see that nuun has come out with a new product. I have been known to drink original nuun at work because I love it so much. Lucky for me they came out with nuun all day.
Nuun all day.jpeg
From the Nuun All Day site:
  • NUUN ALL DAY HYDRATION helps you drink more water every day with crisp and refreshing flavors and is enhanced with an all-natural blend of vitamins and minerals making it perfect for your daily routine.
I have really enjoyed this new option and thought it would be fun to share with you, so here's a little giveaway. I would be happy to send a bottle (Grapefruit Orange). Giveaway is simple follow me and leave me a comment bellow. I will close the giveaway Saturday at midnight (mountain time) and let you guys know on Sunday.

Happy Hydrating!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Acupuncture for Athletes

I was speaking to a coworker earlier today and she peaked my interest after telling me that she has been feeling great after having acupuncture the last couple weeks. I am not normally that into alternative medicine but it peaked my interest because I have heard that it helps athletic performance and recovery also I have heard from people that it has helped heal old running injuries that hadn't healed with rest in years.

As someone who is injury prone and an endurance junky I am not quite interested and considering giving it a go. I did a little web search and found some promising articles on the benefits:
 Studies have shown that acupuncture has measurable effects on the flow of blood to certain areas of the body, which could in turn boost athletic performance. One such study conducted at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine involved athletes running 5,000 meters, and then sitting for acupuncture treatments before they had a chance to catch their breath. The heart rates of the athletes who received the treatments recovered more quickly than those in the control group. (source)
Have any of you tried acupuncture? Good or bad results? Voodoo? 

Monday, January 14, 2013

January Goals Check In

WIth the month almost half over (Already?!?!) I thought it was time to check in on my January goals since there is still time to make them happen if I have been slacking:

1.    Train no less than 45 hours total for the month On course to complete this one
2.       Miss no more than 3 planned workouts Missed two already better stay focused and not get sick again!
3.       Don’t buy food out more than twice Bought dinner once, not too shabby
4.       Blog at least 20 times (5 times a weekish) this is to work on the consistency Only 8 times so far this month, so best get after it
5.       Get organized before classes start and stay on schedule I am ready and got ahead of some work, so this ones a win
6.       Take more pictures Extra big fail =( I have barley taken any pictures this month, good thing I still have time to get it on film (thanks blazeman)

So to work on #6 I snapped a quick photo of an exciting purchase from yesterday
Our first Le Creuset Dutch Oven in a pretty robins egg blue. Winston wondered what all the excitement was about. 
He still dosen't get it but he sure is funny!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ironman Lake Tahoe Training Week 3

Training for the week 1/14

This week looks much like that last two, with the major different of a 3.5 hour bike ride on Sunday. I really hope I can go outside and ride a REAL bike. If I can't get outside I will have to try not to go crazy inside. I am happy to run outside:

But riding outside is another story, time to man up!

Monday: Yoga
6 mile run (optional)
Tuesday: 3200 swim
90 minute interval run
Wednesday: 70 minute spin
60 minute strength
Thursday: 6 mile run
2750 m swim
Friday:  75 minute spin class
60 minute strength
Saturday: 12 mile run
Sunday: 3.5 hour bike ride (If I can get outside I will try to go for my favorite 60 mile loop)
60 minute strength

Approx: 18 hours

Anyone racing this week?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Books That Inspire

I have found that one of the best ways to get or stay inspired about running and triathlon is reading a good book about the sport. During this time of year I find it especially helpful since the cold, dark, dreary days don’t make me want to get out and swim, bike run as much as the long days of summer. I really enjoy reading magazines and regularly read Runners World, Triathlete and Women’s Running but I don’t think they are as inspiring as a full length book/memoir can be. Here are some books that I have loved reading and have sparked my dedication to train in these cold dark days:

Such a great book about the love of sport and her journey undefeated ironman champion. I would have loved more detail about what she did for training during her time with Brett Sutton, but I love to read about other people’s training and this might be a highly guarded secret anyway.

Matt Long’s The Long Run: A New York City Firefighter's Triumphant Comeback from Crash Victim to Elite Athlete

 If this book doesn't inspire you to get after it nothing will. If you are at all feeling bad about yourself for being injured or not doing as well as you would like, this book can help put things in perspective.

You Are an Ironman: How Six Weekend WarriorsChased Their Dream of Finishing the World's Toughest Triathlon

Maybe a little less inspiring but really cool to read about age groupers experience in getting ready to race Ironman Arizona.


Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, andthe Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen

I LOVED this book, I am not completely into the barefoot running craze so I wasn't sure I would like this book when I first started it but ended up loving the story and the people in the book. If you are going to read just one book about running this would be my recommendation.


I want to read Finding Ultra  next but I am always looking for recommendations. What is your favorite running/triathlon/inspiring books?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Changing the plan…

I was hopeful that an illness that was bothering me over the weekend wouldn’t put me off my plan but that was wishful thinking. After a terrible night’s sleep, I missed my morning workout and am off my game at work. I hate missing workouts but don’t want to prolong my illness either.  So I am changing things up a bit and hope to be back at things full tilt tomorrow

Here are the changes:
Monday: Yoga + hip and core exercises
Tuesday: Distance focus swim 3200 yd Skipped
6 mile fartlek run Instead of going outside in the cold to run hard I think I will do 60 min on the elliptical at the gym
Wednesday: 90 min spin class
Yoga/Pilates Class Easy yoga at home with this guys help:

Thursday: 60’ progression Run
Swim: Masters swim 2700 yds
Friday: 90 min spin class
Strength session
Saturday: 2.5 hour bike ride (snow forecasted, hello trainer)
Sunday: 15 mile run
Strength Session

If I can I would like to get in an extra swim this weekend to make up for missing this morning. Last year I skipped a lot of swims and paid for it on IM race day.
Do you change up your plan when you are sick? Take a bunch of time off or stick to the plan? 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Ironman Lake Tahoe Training Week 2

I was excited to hear this weekend that one of my favorite pro triathletes is starting to offer coaching to all level of triathletes. Beth is a pretty kick ass athlete and still works as a school psychology, major props to her.
Reve endureance.jpeg
Check out her site for Reve Endurance if I didn't already have a coach that I loved working with I would totally sign up in a heart beat!

After being kicked in the head this weekend by a virus I am taking full advantage of todays rest day. I am hopeful that I will be recovered enough to get all the rest of my training on the schedule in for the rest of the week. This week looks a lot like last week. I think this will be the recipe for my base building phase that will make up the bulk of my training. Coach defines Base Building as:
The BASE BUILDING PHASE is used to build the aerobic capacity. Although
longer duration workouts at slower pace and intensity are predominant, there
will be some training that will test your anaerobic base. Specific emphasis will
be placed upon each discipline (swim, bike, or run). Depending upon when
you begin your training schedule and your level of fitness, the Base Building
Phase generally makes up the bulk of your training schedule

So this is 'hopefully' what my week will look like (pending not getting any sicker)
Monday: Yoga + hip and core exercises
Tuesday: Distance focus swim 3200 yd
6 mile fartlek run
Wednesday: 90 min spin class
Yoga/Pilates Class
Thursday: 60’ progression Run
Swim: 2700 yds
Friday: 90 min spin class
Strength session
Saturday: 2.5 hour bike ride (snow forecasted, hello trainer)
Sunday: 15 mile run
Strength Session
Weekly Total: ~17 hrs
Other things I need to focus on this week is setting myself up for success for the rest of the semester (starting next week and ending mid May). I have been trying to get back into a routine with work and training. Now I need to make sure that I am as organized as I can be now because free time will be extremely limited once classes start. What does your week look like?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 2013 Goals

 In an attempt to get to my BIG 2013 Resolutions I think it’s helpful to make monthly goals. I am a few days behind but that’s ok better late than never, riiiiight.

January is a hard time to train, it’s cold and dark 80% of the time. But it’s time to get after it anyway. Time to invest in cold weather gear to ride in and get used to the trainer again. Anyway here are some goals I would like to achieve in January:
1.       Train no less than 45 hours total for the month
2.       Miss no more than 3 planned workouts
3.       Don’t buy food out more than twice (traveling doesn’t count) I did this way too much in Dec. and it’s not good for the wallet or the waist!
4.       Blog at least 20 times (5 times a weekish) this is to work on the consistent
5.       Get organized before classes start and stay on schedule
6.       Take more pictures
There it is, hopefully January won’t hold any surprises for me, until then I will be dreaming of palm trees and Miami ING Half Marathon

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ironman Lake Tahoe Training Week 1!!!

Good morning everyone, today was my first day to wake up back at 4:20am, it was a little painful after a week and a half vacation from work and super early alarms. It will get easier as the week goes on but it's always a little bit of a shock. It's already Wednesday (whaaaaaat?) but I thought I would list this weeks workouts since it's my first week in base training for Ironman Lake Tahoe. I have a long way to go so it's time to get after it!
Lake Tahoe#.jpeg

Monday: 2000 m swim with short transition to 2 hour bike ride brick
Tuesday: 13.2 mile run
Wednesday: 90 min spin class
Yoga/Pilates Class
Thursday: 60’ Tempo Run
Swim: 2900 yds
Friday: 75 minute spin  
Strength session
Swim/Bike Brick:Swim – 2500 yds, short transition 75’ on a spin bike
Sunday: 14 mile endurance run
Strength Session

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hungover Half Marathon

Happy New Year! I hope you have recovered from all the fun you had last night and a ready to take on the new year. Cory and I slept in and then set out for our tradition of running a half marathon on New Years day. There isn't an official half in Colorado (that we know of) so for the last two years we have just ran a self supported 13.1 mile on a local trail. This year we decided that we really wanted to get up into the mountains. It was only 12 degrees so we tried to dress warm loaded up our hydration packs and headed out. DSCN7725.JPG

Two hats, two pairs of pants and two coast kept things from being two cold but I won't go so far as to say that I was "warm". But the trail was beautiful and the sun was shining so I can't complain. We were even sheltered from the wind by the heavy cover of trees.


It was difficult to eat and drink well on the run because our water and food froze. Luckily the view was worth it!


The plan for tonight is to eat a new chicken curry slow cooker recipe (will share if it's good) relax and get ready to go back to reality tomorrow.

What did you do on your first day of the year? Do you go back to work tomorrow?