Sunday, November 28, 2010

Great Weekend

What a wonderful weekend, I hope you had a wonderful weekend too. I love Thanksgiving but I am just as excited for it to be over because that means it is the start of Christmas!
We had a great Thanksgiving, starting with the Anthem Turkey Day 5k/10k. It was so much fun because Cory’s cousins Tim and Meghan came along with us. Cory Tim and I ran the 10k and Meghan ran the 5k (she hasn’t ran in a long time so I was super impressed). I was really nice to go race with family, it reminded me of growing up when my family would run the Portland turkey trot together. Race Report coming next. (Tim, Meghan and I about to do a three way high five, we are super dorks)
Thanksgiving was wonderful, Cory made wonderful food, especially the turkey and I think the completely from scratch pies were a hit. There were six people and five dogs here and it was really fun. The evening ended with Meghan beating all of us at Clue. (Thanksgiving Food) (Pumpkin for pie, this was my first time not using canned pumpkin) (Ingredients for pumpkin pie)
(Apple Pie)
(Thanksgiving Table)

Friday morning, Cory and I got ready to brave the Black Friday crowds to do some shopping. It wasn’t really that bad out, we got some presents and I even spent some of my birthday money. In the evening we pulled out our decorations and started decorating our house for Christmas.
Yesterday we headed out to Stapleton and ran 11.5 miles along the sand creek trail, the run felt great! We didn’t run fast but we did average about 10:46 mm, but that is faster than the 12mm we had been running on our long runs. I was really happy when we were done I felt like I could keep going a lot further.
Today we are going to work on putting up Christmas lights, getting a tree and finishing up decorating and getting ready to get back to reality.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Today’s workout: 40 minuets easy swim (I lost count of my laps, shrug) and an easy tempo run with my dogs tonight

Easy week has been nice, but I am afraid I am getting lazy. Oh well Come Thursday it will be time to kick back into focused training mode. Five days off work should give me some extra motivation to get moving. Tomorrow I am going to try to make a pumpkin pie completely from scratch (I am a little nervous so I bought a can of pumpkin just in case). The pumpkin has been baked and scraped and everything seems fine so far. Hope it turns out! I plan to take pictures to document the process and post everything. It’s not about triathlon or running but can it count as carbo-loading?

I have started thinking about the things I am really grateful for, there is a long list so I want to start today but I know I won’t be able to list them all:
• My husband- he is supportive and understanding and always there for me. He puts up with my crazy plans and generally goes along with them. He takes great care of me and always lets me know how much he loves me. Thanks baby, I love you and appreciate you and don’t let you know as much as I should. (He is also the cook in our family and without him I would starve)

• My parents- my parents are very loving and supportive, they are always there to help out and I genuinely like hanging out with them. I am so grateful that they have chosen to move to Colorado to be near my brother and I, they have lived in Oregon their entire lives so moving here is a big deal. It means more to me then they will ever know.

• My dogs- It may seem silly to some people but I love my dogs to pieces, they are my babies. They are so sweet and loving and cuddly, I can’t imagine living without a dog.

• My health- I may complain that I am a slow runner, slow cyclist and slow swimmer but I am thankful that I can run, bike and swim. There may be a time when I can’t so I am trying to enjoy the time I have.
• My Job- It may not always be easy but I am so thankful that I get to work at a place that shares my values and passions (animals and the environment). It doesn’t hurt that my team is made up of amazing people.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend happenings and other things

We didn’t train at all this weekend and it was such a weird feeling. This is supposed to be a recovery week but I don’t think doing nothing was really the best thing. Normally I would blame it on being lazy because I love being lazy , but not this week. We are hosting six people for Thanksgiving and there was just too much cleaning, shopping and cooking that had to be done. We also shopped for and bought a new couch as well as sold our old ones this weekend.

It’s amazing how much time it takes to exercise on the weekend. We spend about four hours actually moving but it’s all the other time that adds up. We normally try to run somewhere other than right around our house because we get sick of it fast so there is driving time. There is also digesting time because I refuse to go out without two cups of coffee and a cliff bar. Afterwards we have to cool down, stretch, roll on the foam roller, possibly take an ice bath and shower. This process can add up to six hours each day! We just didn’t have time for that this weekend. As our training hours ramp up I think I will need to find ways to trim down the extra time possibly so that I have extra nap time =) At least my legs will be fresh for the turkey day 10k I am running on Thursday.

Things on my mind this week:
• Need to finish my Christmas list
• Need to start my Christmas shopping list
• Need to make an agenda for when my parents are in town for Christmas
• Need to decorate for Christmas

Can you tell I get excited for Christmas, it really is my favorite time of the year and I can’t wait to get started!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Trainers?

Workout: 5.1 mile run (1 mile warm up and cool down with a 3.1 mile race pace run) and an easy mile swim

Had a good workout this morning. Last week I fell apart at the gym trying to do a tempo run. I couldn’t make it a full 3 miles at 8:45 mm (I know, I am really slow, I am working on it). I don’t know if it was because I skipped my weight lifting class on Wednesday so I had fresher legs or if it was just a better day, but this morning it went much better. After my warm up I set the treadmill on 8:45mm and was feeling good at 2.5 miles so I sped up to 8 mm to finish my set. I know it’s not a ground speed record but it’s good for me =). Swim felt great after running hard, the gym was surprisingly muggy this morning (yuck). I am hoping to do my first ever indoor ride on a trainer tomorrow. Cory and I have one now but we would like two so we can ride at the same time. Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of trainers to get, or not get?

I am so glad it’s almost the weekend and next week is a two day work week!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I am here, alive and…training. A lot has happened since I stopped blogging. I didn’t mean to stop I was traveling for work and had no time and then I was traveling for my birthday and just, got out of the habit. It didn’t help that two people who worked for me left and we haven’t hired anyone yet. But enough of the excuses I want to be better at blogging because I really want to record the journey that Cory(hubby) and I are starting. While I was MIA We signed up for a halfiron man, I am beyond excited. We also signed up for a marathon in May, I love this marathon and have wanted to do it ever since I wanted my brother finish it two years ago (have I mentioned that I am the only one in my family that hasn’t completed multiple marathons?). So far our race list for winter/spring looks like this:

December 4th: Pueblo's Rock Canyon Half Marathon (maybe)
December 18th: Rudolph’s Revenge 5K
January 1st: Bad Ass Half Marathon
January 15th: Frosty’s Frozen 5 Miles
February 19th: Snowman Stampede 10 Miles
May 1st: Colorado Marathon!!
June 4th: Boulder Sunrise Olympic triathlon
June 25th: Pacific Crest Half ironman
October 2nd: The Bear Chase Race 50K

We obviously need some races between June and October but we will figure those out later.

The last few months I haven’t just been sitting around, I have (mostly) healed from my knee injury and am now focusing on training for a couple half marathons that are coming up. My training plan looks something like this:

Long Run (10+ miles)
am: Lift Class
pm: Yoga
am: swim
pm: Interval Run
am: Lift Class
pm: recovery Swim/run
am: Spin
pm: Yoga
Race pace or tempo run and swim
Long bike ride (30+ miles)

There are a few issues with it, I am only riding twice a week and one of those is a spin class and I am only running 3 maybe four times a week. When we start training for the marathon I would like to be running at least 4 to 5 times a week. I would also like to be swimming and biking 3 times a week each. I just can’t seem to make it all fit and have a recovery day that Cory keeps reminding me that we need. Stay tuned for our half ironman/marathon plan starting in January.