Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ironman Wish List - part two

Time for the second installment of my ironman wish list. You can find part one here. This list will be dedicated to swimming:

A cute swimsuit from

This would really help motivate me to go to the pool.

This would help make the time FLY by in the pool!
Timex Ironman Run Trainer

I know this says "run" in the title but it looks like this watch would work great in the pool. Check out what it includes
» SiRFstar IV™ GPS Technology for Quick, Reliable Performance
» Pace, Distance and Heart Rate in Real Time
» Customizable Display with up to Four Data Lines
» 15-Workout Downloadable Memory with Dated Summary
» Hands-Free Chronograph Operation
» Five Interval Timers with Optional Warm Up / Cool Down
» Alerts for Heart Rate, Pace and Mode
» Hydration and Nutrition Reminders
» Recovery Heart Rate Timer
» Countdown Timer
» 5 Alarms
» Compatible with ANT+™ Foot Pod Sensors
» 8-Hour Battery in Full GPS Mode
» Water-Resistant to 50 Meters
» INDIGLO® Night-Light
Anyone tried out this watch yet?

TYR swimbag
This would be great to lug all your fun "pool toys" as Cory calls them back and forth to the pool.

Could there be a more appropriate way to refuel during a long pool workout??? I think not!

What's on your swim wish list?


  1. Doesnt Timex have a watch that you can swim, bike, and run with? I would want that one.

    Sharkies are freaking AWESOME

  2. BDD- Are you talking about the global watch? If so it seems cool but it’s HUGE! It would look ridiculous on my doll sized hands (picture Judy from the SNL sketch)

  3. I love my splish suits! They make really cool suits that fit well!

  4. Oh, I LOVE those Splish suits - GREAT wishlist item!!

  5. I just won that pink bag from TYR today! :) Cute suit... their bathing suits are too fun!

    And let me tell you - if you have not swum with music yet - BEST INVENTION EVER!

    Great list!

  6. You are missing TriSwim products on your list...they have the best shampoo and conditioner to get rid of the chlorine smell! They also have great discounts on the 1st of every month that they share via Facebook. Hope Santa brings you the goodies you want!

  7. I've always wanted to get one of those grab bag splish suits, but am too chicken!!

    The TYR swim bag is awesome! I may have to look into that too!

  8. I have done the splish grab bag suits and ended up pretty good. LOVE the TYR bag

  9. I love all my TYR gear. I have such a long wish list, and just when I think I have everything I could ever need - they invent things like waterproof mp3 players.

    I actually wrote about the same thing!

    Hope you get a few your goodies from Santa!!!