Saturday, November 5, 2011

How to Pack for 28 hours of Traveling

More and more of my family are moving from Oregon to Colorado and I can't be more excited about it. I love having my parents live so close, Colorado feels so much more like home with them here. The next convert is my grandma. I haven't been able to spend much time with her in the last 10 years since I was in college a few hours away and then moved out of Oregon over 5 years ago. To help grandma move we are flying out and driving grandmas car back to Colorado.

Cory and I will literally be traveling for the next 28 hours and get nowhere. Here is how this crazy adventure breaks down:

6:45 am leave our house to catch or flight to Portland
11:00am arrive in Portland and catch a ride to my grandmas house
2:00pm leave grandma's house pick of a few things for the road (like tire chains). Then drive for 22 hours straight. Our travels will take us across Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming before getting back into Colorado.
1:00pm Sunday if all goes well arrive back in Colorado

It will be a whirlwind weekend and I think Monday will be brutal. Here are the things I am bringing with me to survive the weekend.

We were told ahead of time to pack light because grandma is stuffing her car full of fragile things that she doesn't want to movers to lay their hands on. As a notorious over packer I knew this would be a challenge for me. Good thing I like a challenge so I allowed myself just a backpack to pack into. A few of the necessities are cold weather clothing in case we need to put chains on the car and it's twenty below in Wyoming. Note the hat, gloves and down jacket (not pictured but will make a great pillow in the car).

Other items include toiletries, vitamins, tylenol and allergy meds. I made sure to bring toothpaste and a toothbrush. Nothing like brushing your teeth at a rest stop at 2am!

I also make sure. To bring a water bottle (empty to get through security), a coffee mug, and a cloth napkin along. I always to reduce as much waste as possible even when traveling. I also brought emergen-c and pure via sweetner.

I also packed my trusty phone, ipad, all of their cords and I converter so I can charge my electronics on the road. Not pictured is my ipod because we were busy filling it full of audio books for the ride. It's seriously sad that I need three kinds of entertainment at all times, I should really see someone about that.

Please forgive my blue fleeced wrist, I know it's hideous and from 2001 but it's laundry day.

What is a must have for you when traveling?

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