Monday, October 31, 2011

Denver Gorilla Run Race Report

The Denver Gorilla Run was so much fun! Over a thousand people showed up in costume to support Mountain Gorilla Conservation. As Cory and I got ready our dogs didn’t know what to do about the giant apes in their house.

It’s almost a requirement to dress up your gorilla and people were very creative. There was the full cast of the Wizard of Oz

And some very hairy beer wenches.

Although not caught on camera there were MANY people in tighty whities.

I have to admit that running in a gorilla suit was pretty miserable, next year I will either walk or seriously modify the gorilla suit.

On Sunday Cory and I road 50 miles from my parents house out to Boulder and back, it was nice and not too windy. We finished off the day with a swim at my parents club. The pool is SO nice and makes me dread having to go to 24 hour fitness.

This week will be a little off because we are flying out to Portland and driving my grandmas car to Colorado for her. That means no time for big workouts this weekend, Boo!

Monday: 45 min of PT exercises and abs

Tuesday: am 60 min swim workout (2700 meters) pm 6 mile run and PT exercises

Wednesday: 90 min spin and 45 min of PT exercises and abs

Thursday: 60 min swim workout, 2 mile recovery run with Pug and PT

Friday: 5 mile tempo run and 45 min of PT exercises and abs

Saturday: nothing =(
Sunday: Hopefully a two mile walk when we get home to stretch our legs.

Total: approximately 9 hours

What are your plans for the week?

Happy Halloween!


  1. I can't imagine running in a gorilla costume would be, but it looks awesome!

  2. AWESOME!!! I can only imagine just how miserable it is to run in a gorilla suit!

    That pool is awesome!

  3. That pool is amazing! I swim at the 24 hour fitness pool in COS and it nothing at all to write home about!

    Have a safe trip to Portland and back.

  4. I would love to spectate that race, then I would become jealous and need to run it, so I might as well sign up for it.

    Be safe driving back, I hear that snow is heading your way

  5. I laughed so damn hard looking at those pics - looks like a great time!!!

    I NEED a pool like that - looks awesome!

  6. Oh my... that looks like so much fun, but I can only imagine how hard it would be to run in that costume! And poor Winston... :)

  7. OMG, WHY didn't I know about this gorilla race? How!

    My dog would have been scared too, poor Winston. :)