Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I do swim, I swear I do. I realized recently that I talk a lot bout running, a bit about biking and not at all about swimming. It may show up once in a while in my weekly plans but that's about it. The issue is that I really don't like swimming in a pool, it feels so repetitive and BORING. But I loved swimming at my moms club with the clean pool and giant windows showing views of the front range. I am going to be swimming there as much as possible (too bad it s 30 minutes north of us). Next time I will bring my camera and take pictures and hopefully video.

I have not been swimming a lot but I have been swimming enough to need a new swimsuit, the old nike is falling apart. I have my eye on two suits from Splish:

I love the elephant with the peanuts on the back.

I also think that pink skulls are super cute but Cory does not like this one.

Which one would you buy?

I have to share this video it makes me laugh every time. Happy Tuesday everyone, I am off to physical therapy.


  1. Ummmmm, not even an option - you HAVE to go w/ the elephant suit!!! And now I'm heading over to Splish bc I need one too :)

  2. I love anything fun like that! ...but I would probably go with skulls. It might scare people from trying to share a lane with me :p

  3. I have a couple of splish suits and they are great. You will not go wrong with whichever one you decide on purchasing. I like the one with skulls

    I don't really care for swimming either. Though, sometimes I do get in the zone and have some great training sessions. However, that is kind of hit or miss. I try to make it a challenge to get my self into the pool.

  4. Ugh swimming is my dreaded sport of the 3 too! I don't mind actually swimming but I hate that there is nothing to look at other than the lane line, and I really dislike smelling like chlorine for the rest of my life!

    PS LOVE that elephant suit! I think I want it!

  5. Definitely the elephant suit! It is awesome. I don't even really swim but I would totally buy it! :)

  6. ELEPHANT!!!! I am going to order one, that is just way too cute!!

    I hate swimming laps, BORING!! Tara got a waterproof for her iPod, I think I need to invest in one of those if I ever do the IM. You should come swim with Tara and I someday (24-hour on Arapahoe and Parker Roads), we have way too much fun swimming (then way too much fun eating crap Mexican food and a margarita after :)).

    I think one of my biggest fears about doing an IM is getting kicked in the face OWS. I think I need to go into it totally blind (having done NO shorter tri's) otherwise I am sure I will freak out.