Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting it done – in the pool

We ended up losing power at our house last night after Denver’s first snow storm of the year took out many of the trees in our neighborhood. We live in a historic part of Denver so many of the trees are 100+ years old and tend to lose branches under heavy snow. We had a few come down around our house but luckily nothing major. We were lucky but we ended up going out to dinner instead of trying to cook on the grill and eat in the dark. By the time we got home the power was back on but it was late. Normally I would let this throw off my plan but I got up and headed to the pool as planned this morning. It wasn’t a great swim but we got it done with my poor husband listening to me whine. Our workout looked like this:

Warm up:
500 free
200 kick
100 free

5x100 drills (all front quadrant)

Main set:

Cool down:
100 whatever style you like

Total: 2400

This was a bit of a change from what we normally do so that was nice. What wasn’t nice is that I got a flu shot yesterday and my arm hurt the entire time.

On another note I am disappointed that I can’t find a half marathon in Colorado in December or January. Last year Cory and I ran the Huge Ass Half in Oregon and had a great time.

I am toying with the idea of just running my own self supported trail half marathon near new years (love to make that a tradition). The HAH was self supported it was just a group of Central Oregon ultra runners who like to get together and run, they marked the course told people when to show up and that was about it.

So I am thinking about doing it this year for just Cory and I on New Year’s day, that is unless anyone wants to join us =)

Now jump over to Blond Ponytail to enter her giveaway for compression shorts, and Tall Mom on the Run for a give away!


  1. Way to get in your swim...I would have claimed flu shot rest day! Looking forward to following your journey.

  2. I will be stealing this swim workout from you! I have no formal swim training and am a total newbie when it comes to triathlons. I pretty much just hop in the pool and do free until I get tired - not a real good plan! It sure looks cold where you are!
    @irunthere4iam (


    Nice work getting the swim done

    If your willing to travel to Phoenix, RnR AZ is in January

  4. I do not like the snow either!

    Have you looked at the Rock Canyon 1/2 marathon in Pueblo? That is run on a trail that is part dirt and part asphalt. The race is very low-key but usually the shirt is a sweatshirt. Here is the link if you are interested.

  5. Oh I LOVE a good swim workout - NICE JOB!!!

    I can't rationally talk about the snow right now. Its not even November, and we're supposed to get 3-6" tomorrow here in Boston. #*(&#^!!!