Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

Cory and I had a great Autumn weekend, we started off Saturday morning with Running with the Buffalos 5K we then headed home where we tried to do some errands while watching the live feed of Kona. It was such an exciting race so happy for Chrissy and Crowie.

On Sunday we woke up very early so we could volunteer at aid station number one for the Rock and Roll Denver Marathon. It has just turned cold so we bundled up

Apparently Cory was still asleep...probably shouldn't have let him drive. It was dark when we arrived so it was hard to see the cups to fill them

I couldn't believe how big the aid station was, I have never ran in a race this big.

We then headed home, picked up our dogs and took the "long way" to my parents house to enjoy some fall color

After eating a quick lunch we headed to Anderson farms for some fall fun

Baby Goats!

My brother erik expertly lead us through the corn maze

Not sure what's going on here

We picked out some pumpkins

It was the perfect day, not cold, not hot with lots of sunshine. It was then back to the grind and a long work week. I am feeling ready to start ramping up my training. PT is going well, I am getting stronger and almost never have knee pain.

What is one of your fall must dos?

mine is visiting a pumpkin patch


  1. Pumpkin patches are definitely a must do! Throwing leaves up in the air for my kids to catch and dance in..another must. Looks like a great day! It has been forever since I've been here...sorry...I must catch up! PT? Knee pain? Yikes, I missed a lot.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! We're going to take our boys to Anderson Farms too..it's such a fun place to go!!