Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Share the Road

A friend sent me this photo this morning….talk about sharing the road!

This morning was back at normal training. I don’t start getting workout plans from Charley until November so I am still making it up as I go. In general here is the plan for October:

Mondays: Rest
Tuesday: am Interval swim between 2200 meters and 3000 meters, pm easy 2-3 mile run
Wednesday: am spin class
Thursday: am Interval swim between 2200 meters and 3000 meters
Friday: Interval Run (no more than 20-30 min) then 30-40 min elliptical trainer
Saturday: Long Ride (30-50 miles)
Sunday: Easy Run

This plan looks too easy when I write it out but I am not supposed to run for more than 20-30 min at a time or do any lower body strength training until Djimmer (my PT) gives me the green light. I will also be doing my PT exercises every night as well as plank and push-up. I can’t wait until my knee is better and I can start doing speed work and long runs again!

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  1. Good to be cautious and taking this slowly! You'll be back before you know it...and thankfully we don't have any alligators to share the road with here in CO! :)

  2. oh knee injuries are the worst. The hubs has one right now too, boo! ease back in, slowly but surely friend.