Monday, October 24, 2011

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge

Have you seen Run to the Finish's HBBC this year? I am joining for the first time this year and really excited about it. I love these kind of challenges and it comes at the perfect time of year.

Amanda has some great prizes lined up, I have never won a blogger giveaway so my fingers are crossed. Here is a list stolen from RttF's blog:

Here is a small sampling….
Oakley workout pants and top
Iron Sport Works medal hanger
Be Present Tank Top
CEP Compression shorts
Ryder Sunglasses
RazzyRoo headband
Lululemon water bottle
SaltStick tablets
McDavid USA Compression gear
Stonehouse Farms 27 all-natural sauces
Sahale Nuts
Lundenburg Farms grain bowls
Annie's Homegrown
Once Again Nut Butters

To even things out Amanda set up levels that you self select, I really struggled with deciding what level I am here are her descriptions:

Builders: Maybe you just started training for your first 5k, you are just getting in to the habit of working out..OR you are building your body the majority of the time through yoga and weights. These activities are wonderful but it is hard to earn the same number of points as someone with a 20 mile run.

Doers : You have a training plan that you have been committed to for awhile. Maybe you are trying for your first half marathon, first sprint tri, or just overall increasing your weekly workouts to keep off the holiday fudge.

Advanced : If you are training for a half ironman, ironman, your umpteenth marathon, practice yoga twice daily and run and kick box… let’s be honest you know who you are. If you are active nearly every day in some way shape or form you fall in to the Advanced group…you Type A people should be pleased.

I am not currently training for a marathon or triathlon but I am not trying for my first half marathon either. What would you consider yourself? Have you joined the HBBC or do you plan to?

Cory and I had a great day yesterday, we got in a nice three hour bike ride, I felt strong and we averaged higher than 16 MPH for 40 miles (that is good for me) without pushing too hard. We then headed up to my parents house where we joined my mom at their "club" for a swim. I wish I had my camera with me, it was the nicest pool I have ever swam in. I loved it, and didn't want to leave. After swimming we headed back to my parents house for dinner and watched the Broncos beat the Dolphins. Perfect end to a great weekend.

What's your perfect Sunday evening?


  1. I joined the HBBC for the first time too! I debated on which category to put myself in, but I finally decided on being in the "doer" group. Hopefully I chose correctly!

  2. Everyone seems to be doing this and I know I could use the motivation. I may have to go check it out closer.

    I'm with you though...not sure what category I would fit into. I don't really feel advanced.