Friday, October 14, 2011

A Day in The Life

Beth over at Shut Up and Run tagged everyone to do a "day in the life post". I love these posts because it gives a peak into what my favorite bloggers normal life is like. It's interesting hearing about how they fit in everything else that they do other than training and racing. So I am going to play along and post a fairly normal day for me, try not to fall asleep.

4:30 am - Alarm goes off, Cory and I roll out of bed, feed the dogs, brew some coffee get dressed and head to the gym for spin class

5:00 am - arrive at gym and take an awesome 90 min spin class (30min on our own, 60min with instructor)

6:30 am- Head home, eat breakfast and try to get cleaned up for work

7:30 am - Pack up lunch and head to work for the day, I am very lucky in that I work less than two miles from my house. My day is rarely the same at work, I sit in a lot of meetings, read curriculum, teach, etc. Every day is different.

5:00 pm- Leave work and head to massage appointment. This is not a "typical" day. I wish I could get a massage everyday but we do go once a month to help keep our muscles healthy

6:30 pm- head home and fold a bunch of clean laundry that I didn't get to over the weekend. Laundry is a never ending chore here and we don't even have kids!

7:30 pm- sit down to dinner with Cory, we had salmon cakes with salad and champagne. It wasn't for a special occasion, it just looked really good. Do you ever drink champagne just because? The salmon cakes are really good and good for you, recipe can be found here

8:00 pm-do PT exercises, and get ready for bed and read a few blogs (best part of the day)

9:00 pm- head to bed to cuddle with this guy.

That is a pretty normal day for me now during the off season, it will be fun to do this again in May when I am in peak IM training to see the difference.


  1. I love these posts too and I LOVE your cute dress.

    I've never had champagne "just because", but hey, it sounds like a good idea to me. I'm always up for trying anything new.

    Thanks for the salmon cake recipe, my husband loves these things, so I might try it out this weekend! Have a good weekend!

  2. SHRIEK!!! Love the pugster picture!! I have one too - they're the best :)

    Your dress is wicked cute - love it!