Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Supplements For Endurance Athletes

This morning was a bit rough, I was lazy and slept in almost every day while on vacation so this morning when the alarm at 4:20 am I was not very happy about it. But I drug myself out of bed and to the gym where it was about twice as busy as normal. I don't mind the newbies too much and hope that their new year's resolutions stick! I was happy to find an open treadmill and bust out 5 miles of intervals.

One of the things I am trying to get better about is taking supplements. I am asking a lot of my body so I want to make sure I am giving it everything it needs. Here are the supplements I currently take:

  • Glucosamine for joint health
  • Fish Oil
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Multivitamin
  • Iron (Not everyday)
I am curious about some of the supplements specific to endurance athletes like beta-alanin (you can read about it here) or some of the other sport specific supplements (some are listed here). But by nature I am skeptical, do the supplements really help with anything or am I just paying for really expensive pee.

All of this came from watching a video of someone running the Devils Mountain 50k that I want to run in September. The video was to advertise Extreme Endurance supplements and it got me thinking.

What do you think? Have you taken any port specific supplements? If so do they help?


  1. I don't take any sports specific supplements but I am a vitamin fiend!

  2. I take just a multi-vitamin and also drink a powder called XTR that has BCAAs, glutamine and other goodness. I add extra glutamine to the mix. I've found it really is great for recovery and for keeping me feeling fresh. I've been researching supplements lately actually and have read a lot about fish oil and am considering getting into the habit of taking it. I also read something about Magnesium but I need to do more research on that...

    Nicole (www.fitnessfatale.com) - for some reason I can't post with my word press account on here!