Saturday, January 21, 2012

Frosty's Frozen Five Miler Race Report and Chia Winners

This morning Cory and I headed down to Littleton CO for a five mile race.
Last year Cory and I signed up for the Winter Distance Series as well. Todays race was the second of the three races you can read about previous races here Rudolf's Revenge 5k 2010, Frostey's Frozen Five Mile 2011, Snowman Stampede 2011. We ran Rudolf's Revenge 5k in December but I don't think I wrote a race report on it (fail!)
I HATE racing shorter distances so I always question why I sign up for them but I had a really good time today. It was not too cold in the low 40s and it was a small race with about 600 people participating in the 5 mile portion.
I was a little sad because in December my parents were with us and mom ran the 5k, she is still working her way up to 5 miles and signed up for the 5 mile portion of the Boulder Spring Half but wasn't ready yet today.
So it was just Cory and I, fun but definitely not as fun as when more family is there. Given that we were both racing we didn't bring a camera along.
These pictures are from last year when Cory ran and I cheered because I had the flu. The course was the same just a little less snow this year.
Both cory and I got PR's today Cory ran it in 34:03 and I finished in 43:07. My splits were pretty even, even the two miles that I couldn't get my lap button to work!
My average pace was actually faster than last months 5k and I was rocking a cold this week. I hope this means that all the speed work is finally doing something for me.
Earlier today I used to choose the Chia winners:
First up was #17 Ashley!
and #11 Kate
Congrats ladies, please email me your address to bethcn at gmail dot com and I will send you your Chia Seeds!


  1. Sounds like you had a good race! I ran the 10 miler this morning...the weather was amazing! Although I managed to jack up my lap button when stripping off a layer once the sun came out.

    Now if only the weather happens to be this great for the Snowman Stampede... :P

    1. How did the 10 miler go? Maybe we will see each other next month!

    2. Well, I survived! I used it as a training run and was just hoping to make it 8 miles without wanting to die. I actually managed to finish strong and break an old PR by 5 seconds! :)

      I'll definitely be back next month now that I have a tiny PR tantalizing me! :)

  2. Congrats on your race! I did that series several years ago and had a great time. The organization runs a very good series.

  3. Great job on the race! You are getting speedy my dear!