Tuesday, January 10, 2012

RAGE and Terror

I did it to myself…….normally I am good about doing race research before deciding on a big race (to me this is anything half marathon or Olympic triathlon and longer) but for some reason I decided on the RAGE 70.3 as my spring long course without doing ANY research. I decided I liked the date and going to Vegas in the spring sounded fun so I forked over my money and didn’t think too much about it.

BIG MISTAKE! I had no idea how challenging this course is, there is more than 6,000 ft of climbing on the bike!

I don’t even know how to train for that! And then after thrashing your legs on the bike you get to climb over 2,000 feet in the first six miles of the half marathon.

I honestly feel a little sick about it. I keep trying to tell myself that it is good training for my full ironman. If I can finish this really difficult half that should give me more confidence for Coeur d’Alene, right? Well the lesson is learned here, take it from me kids ALWAYS research a race before signing up. I see some major hill training in my future *barf*

Have you ever signed up for a race before knowing anything about it? Did you survive?


  1. I will be doing some major hill training myself. Maybe we should hit some hills together!

  2. Hell no! I would never be brave enough to sign up for a long race without analyzing every little detail :) That's what scared me away from the new HITS 70.3 in Ft. Collins--did you see that bike course?!

  3. That is pretty scary, BUT it is a good challenge! I've been known to sign up for races before checking the elevation profile.

  4. Wow..that does look pretty tough! BUT, the good thing about living here is that you have LOTS of hills to train on! Deer Creek, Lookout Mountain, even the Harvest Moon bike course has some good climbs to train on!

  5. Thats probably why they call it Rage. Anger is the only thing that will get you over those hills. Good luck!

  6. Yeah, I just looked closely at the profile of the marathon I'm doing next weekend....um, holy hills Batman! As if I weren't worried before....yikes.

    But those hill will just make you (and me) stronger and what an accomplishment when we get that done, right? Right! You will do great, just get in lots of hill training. Lookout Mt. is really fun and tons of bikers out there!