Friday, January 13, 2012

Dropping the Negative

This is not a triathlon/running/training type post. You have been warned.

I think of myself as generally a nice person. I HATE when people feel bad, I do everything in my power to not hurt people's feelings. But I think I play into gossip way more than I should. I feel that it is easy for most people to be pulled into negative gossip, especially if it’s under the guise of concern. It’s easy for concern to degrade into a complain fest and have a negative spiral.

Lately I have been paying attention to the actions of people that I really look up to and I have noticed how they don't get involved when gossip starts, shut it down and only have nice constructive things to say. I want to exhibit those qualities too and think that it must have a positive effect on your mental health not to participate in a negative activity.
So the plan is to do my best to not gossip, and to try my best to shut it down when others try to involve me for the rest of the month. Why the rest of the month? It’s not really a scientific choice, saying for the rest of my life seems unrealistic and like I am setting myself up for failure. I wanted a short enough time period that wasn’t overwhelming but was long enouph that I would be able to hopefully see a difference in how I feel. I know I won’t be perfect but the goal is to be conscious of what I am saying about others and what I am participating in.
What do think about gossip? Harmless, Hurtful, don’t care?
We will return to our regularly scheduled Triathlon blogging tomorrow. Happy Friday the 13th all!


  1. A think that is a great goal and one I too will try and emulate.

    1. I don't like gossip and I hate when I realize I'm doing it. Grrr. I generally will try to stop someone from gossiping if they are trying to drag me into it, by just saying something nice about the person/people they are talking about or standing up in some way for that person/people. A lot of times, the gossiper will stop and think for a moment and I just hope they are looking at the other person's side of life and realize that gossiping is not helping the situation.

      I'm much better now at removing myself from the situation if I'm the one gossiping. I think it surprises people when I admit "I'm gossiping and it's not right! I'm stopping right now!"