Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ironman Challenge

As the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge winds down I find that I will miss it. I like having challenges, a little extra motivation never hurts! So I was excited when I saw that my gym (24 hour fitness) is hosting an Ironman competition. According to the instructions we have from January 1st until February 15th to complete the full ironman distances. What could be more perfect for me while I am training for Coeur d'Alene?!?

Also you can enter as many times as you like as long as you swim 2.4 miles (or 84.5 laps), ride 112 miles on the bike (each 60 minute spin class counts as 12 miles) and 26.2 miles by foot (running, walking, elliptical). I hope to complete at least 3 "Ironmans". I have already almost completed the swim and run portion but I think the bike will take me two weeks to complete.

Do you like competitions like these? Would you participate in an "Ironman Competition" at your gym?

Also I have added two races to my 2012 calendar. The first is Aimee's fault, she posted about doing the Greenland Trail 25k on May 5th and it sounds like too much fun!

So I hope to see you there Aimee!!!

The second race is the Wild West Relay

The WWR is a 200 mile relay on August 3rd and 4th. Cory and I were invited to join a team today and we are SO in!!! That will be my second relay in less than a month since I am going to run the EPIC relay with a team from work in July. Now I just need someone to invite me to run Hood to Coast (please)!


  1. I wish my 24Hour was doing that! Although, 12 miles for a spin class? I think it should be bit higher, maybe like 15-16miles!

  2. I would definitely do the Ironman challenge! I am doing Push Ups for Patriots though.

  3. You just gave me a great idea for my Biggest Loser group at the club!!! I'm totally stealing this as extra motivation for them! THANK YOU!!

  4. I would so do an Ironman Challenge if it were offered at my gym. Of course, I would have to hit my gym in order to now if anything is going on there! Whoops!

  5. Fort Collins is my home town! My dad has done that relay--it can be blistering hot, but I'm not sure it could be more beautiful. Good luck!

    Love the Ironman challenge idea. If only my gym had a pool...

  6. Love the idea of the Ironman Challenge. Our gym isn't doing it, and if they did sponsor something like it I'm sure they'd charge extra, dang gyms! but maybe I'll just do the challenge on my own. Thanks for the idea. And relays...always a good way to go. And when you find someone to invite you to the Hood to Coast, let them know I'm available too :-)

  7. That Ironman competition is awesome!!!! I would totally do it! It works out perfectly for your race too ...I bet you win!

  8. I did an Ironman challenge like that several years ago, and it was a great way to keep me motivated over the winter! I wonder if my 24hr. fitness is doing that too? I'll have to check into it!!

    Yay for signing up for the Greenland 25k!! We should do some training runs together! Let me know!!

  9. Just wanted to say THANKS for my Blogger Exchange gift!! Love it :) I posted a thank you today if you want to check it out