Saturday, January 1, 2011

Huge Ass Half Marathon Race Report

First off, Happy New Year!

This race was BRUTAL! It was very cold, I think it was 12 degrees when we started and a bit windy. The race was difficult and very hilly, I enjoyed the run for about the first 9 miles then the hills started to hurt and I was ready to be done. People huddled around a fire waiting to start

We started with a fairly hilly 4 mile out and back. I liked this part because I got to see my dad again before heading out on a nine mile loop. Out and back with mom (she ran 4 miles today)
One of the many cattle guards we crossed

The loop started with a killer hill up middle of Cinder Butte. Then back down the other side in 12+ inches of snow. Difficult but there were great views and it was kinda fun. Behind us down the hill
Up to the top!

Miles 6 through 8 was on a gentle down hill on packed snow, theses were easy peasy miles. Still feeling good

Miles 8 through 12 were a steady climb back out of a canyon, it started out fine but after a few miles my low back started to hurt and my legs didn’t want anymore to do with it. Can you see my dad? he's the little person at the finish waving at me. The butte we ran up is in the background.

The last mile and a half (course was a little long) was mostly down hill. It was so nice to be done and filled with a sense of accomplishment. We stopped of at Starbucks on the may home for some coffee, hot chocolate and treats, YUM!

The afternoon ended with an ice bath and a slow recovery walk with my dogs.
Now we have to pack up and head back to reality, wah =(
How was your first day of 2011?


  1. Brrr..12 degrees!?! Wow! You did awesome considering the weather and the hills!
    Starbucks is always a nice treat after a cold run! :)

  2. Looks like a FRIGID day!! I admire you for getting out there!

    Where are the Badlands? On the eastern part of OR? I live in Eastern WA and we looked like we had the same temps!

  3. Yikes... that run looks brutal! :) You go girl!