Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week 2 goals

Week 2 goals (a day late) and week 1 follow-up:

  1. Enjoy NYC and try not to lose too much sleep.
  2. Plank every night (this one hasn't been going so well so far)
  3. Be present while in all day meetings
  4. Pace myself well on Saturday's race so that I put up a good time (for me) and also not have an asthma attack.

As for week one:

1. Start marathon training (YAY!) I am loosely following this plan from Runners world. I have to add in swimming and biking. If anyone knows of a training plan for someone running a marathon in 4 months and a half ironman 2 months after that let me know! Cory and I are finishing up our plan tonight so I will try to post it tomorrow. DONE =)

2. Put away all Christmas decorations and start thinking about how I would like to decorate for the winter (I am thinking warm oranges to combat the chilly winter) Christmas is away, but no other decorating has happened.

3. Catch up at work without freaking out. Didn't freak out but still working on catching up, while out of the office :/

Overall not bad. What are your goals/focus for the week?

I am off to a fabulous dinner somewhere, not sure where yet. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Happy 1/11/11 day :)
    Well, not too envious you're on the east coast (would be if you were on a tropical beach though :)) but I love to visit restaurants while out of town so yeah, a bit jealous :). Have a good one - good job keeping up with the training while away (btw, not doing the Frosty race this weekend as I have that DU (I think) and Ryan not up for the 10-miler. yet).

  2. What I would do with the training plan is find a HIM plan, then substitute the running portion with your marathon plan (but maybe only run 4 days/week). That's what I did this summer, but my HIM was actually a month before my marathon. It worked out great!

  3. so, where did you have dinner? Good luck on your race this weekend.