Monday, January 31, 2011

How to have a crappy run

Yesterday started out as one of the worst runs I ever had and ended up later in the day being one of the best. The biggest thing I learned from this experience is that I need to plan my weekend meals/nutrition better. Here's the back story:

I started coming down with a cold so I went to the store Friday morning before work to stock up on cold meds to help get me through the day. Unfortunately for me the pharmacy wasn't open so I bought a ton of candy to self soothe instead, first bad choice. After a long day at work all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch with some more junk food. I convinced Cory to pick up some Qudoba on the way home and gorged myself on quesadillas, chips and guacamole.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling crappy but not bad enough to skip our bike ride. I loaded myself full of cold meds and coffee and didn't feel too bad. we road 35 miles at a 15 mph average, not bad for me really. We came home and ate a late lunch of veggie burgers. After grocery shopping for the week Cory and I weren't hungry so we headed to bed without eating dinner.

Sunday morning I was still feeling bad but I really wanted to get our 14 mile run in, so once again I took lots of cold medicine, drank lots of coffee and ate some coffee cake that Cory made. It was yummy but probably not the best long run fuel. The temps were in the low 40's so I thought I would be ok to wear shorts, I was so wrong! Grey Skies, I should have known I would be too cold!

I was cold when we started out but I kept telling myself I would warm up. I was cold, tired, every step was painful. After two and a quarter miles I knew it just wasn't in the cards for me. My legs were hurting and bright purple. I turned around and headed back defeated. On the way home I talked Cory into getting Starbucks and Carl's Jr. (I am seeing a pattern here) After wolfing down a hamburger and fries and warming up in a bath I was feeling much better except for feeling really down about not finishing our run. I asked Cory how he would feel about waiting two hours (to digest) then heading to the gym to finish the last 9.5 miles of our run. He was up for it so we went and I have to say it felt GREAT! I was so happy to complete the full 14 miles that I even ran a little more and I never do that.

I learned that not planning my meals for the weekend can really hurt my training. Lesson learned, I will now plan my weekend meals just like I do during the week. You would think that I would know better by now, but apparently I don't when I am hopped up on cold meds. Today I stayed home from work because I couldn't sleep most of the night and was in a bad place this morning.

It's been snowing all day and tomorrow's high is supposed to be negative two degrees. So I don't think I will get any more outdoor workouts this week.

Have you ever broken up a run? Does it still count as 14 miles even if it was broken up by 3 hours?


  1. I've thought about breaking up long runs before, and from what I read, it still counts. In fact I just read a blog the other day (can't remember what it was) where she broke up her 19 mile run into two 6.5 mile segments and one 6 mile segment... all on the treadmill. So still counts!

    Also, I totally self soothe with candy.

  2. I haven't really ever broken up a run myself but I know for Ironman training I never did more than a 16 mile run. When I asked my coach about it he said that it's the cummulative running miles that count and that's better for me to run 30 miles in a week than be crushed after a 20 mile run. So I think the same concept would apply!

    Hope you feel better!

  3. I can't believe you were able to knock out 9.5mi after a burger & fries! Ha! :) I think if you mentally know what running a solid 14mi feels like, miles are miles if you have to break them up by a few hours. Feel better!

  4. Beth, it totally counts. Honestly, I think it's harder because the fatigue has time to set in. Good for you for getting it done!

  5. I've had to break up many long runs before (and I'm a big advocate of two-a-days); they count :). Sometimes it's about time on your feet and you got that!

    Aren't you loving this weather? I only do because I freaking got off work today and again tomorrow - yay!!

  6. brrrr...sounds so cold there. I'm complaining here with low 40s. I think sometimes you just have to break it up. I think there is something to be said about not doing it all the time with endurance runs like the 15 plus runs since they are meant to help your body get used to lasting for that many miles in one go but hey, I say it counts! I had to just stop my run yesterday without finishing the workout. just wasn't feeling it. STay warm Beth!

  7. It definitely counts because once the mileage starts getting up there, some people have to break it up to get training done.

  8. Sure I've broken up a run before. Sometimes a half hour apart, or half a day. Sure 14 miles broken up still count as 14 miles, but it is an easier 14 miles, so I log it as 2 runs in the same day. That also means you might want to run an extra mile or two to make up for the break IMHO.

  9. i dont think i could run that way i could probably get away with 1 mile and a half then i think i would be on the ground i can run very fast people use to bet me and i allways use to win