Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Compression Gear???

Workout: 6 mile tempo run (2 miles at 11 mm, 2 miles at 9mm and 2 miles at 10.5 mm)

Not sure what pace I should run for my 5 mile race on Saturday. I ran a 5k in December in 26 something, first two miles around 8mm and the third mile at 10mm. I suffered an asthma attack in the last mile and really slowed down. For this race I would like to avoid that by not going out too fast. I think I would like to hit between 8:30 and 9mm splits.

As I am packing up to head back to CO tomorrow I laid out my travel clothes including my Zoot compressions socks.

My feet have a tendency to swell when I travel so I got these compression socks to help and they feel good to run in

Don't ask me what I am doing in this picture, I'm not really sure.

I also have a pair of Smart Wool compression socks:

I like them booth and I am thinking about buying some compression tights.

Do you have compression gear and do you think it helps? Any recommendations for compression tights?


  1. I love your see through pants story! I'm sure there were some people that made sure to get a spot right behind you for sure!! Did you notice the same people behind you every time? :)

    I would like to get some compression socks but have not done that yet!

  2. First, good luck this weekend!

    I have calf sleeves and socks. I'll be honest, while I think the sleeves are cute (they are pink and I'm a total girl), they don't offer much compression. And I feel like my ankles and feet need it. I have socks and I wear them almost religiously after long runs/bikes and love them. I don't have tights though. I want to get some, but I'm super cheap. How's that for honesty?

  3. I'v never tried them, but I might pick some up because they sound interesting and like they might help!

  4. I like using compression socks after a run, I haven't tried the tights..