Thursday, January 27, 2011


Tanks so much for all of your suggestions. I think that it is important to keep strength training and actually need to start doing it more. I am going to change up my plan to look like this:

Monday: rest day/yoga
Tuesday: am swim interval/pm interval run
Wednesday: BodyPump/recovery run
Thursday: spin class/run brick
Friday: interval run/long swim
Saturday: long run
Sunday: long bike

Do you always do the same type of workout on the same day or do you switch it up every week? Happy training!

On a different note I am looking for a fun half marathon to do in either March or April, any suggestions in Colorado or neighboring states?


  1. I have never tried body pump! I wish my gym offered it. Strength training is definitely important and I need to do it more...

  2. Let's see...The Dam run is doing a 1/2 marathon along with a 5k on March 6th. The Platte River 1/2 is April 10. Then, I don't think there's anything else until the Colfax 1/2 mary in May.

  3. I like your plan Beth! You look really balanced--aww, love body pump. Miss it!