Monday, January 10, 2011

East Coast Time

Workout today: sitting on my but......all day

I didn't get into my hotel until after midnight last night after many delays. Here is the room I am staying in:
I was exhausted and fell into bed but couldn't sleep. So I am taking the day off and resting. Wishing I was still at home so I could read while watching the snow

Instead I will be watching it snow from this window: When I stayed here in September I made sure to run(and get lost) in Central Park. This time I didn't even bring outdoor workout clothes, It's just too cold!

Tonight I am off to Kefi, a Greek restaurant, should be good.

Do you like traveling to New York? If so what do you like to do here?


  1. You know... I was born in NYC (Queens to be exact) and I've only been back twice for one day trips. I'm dying to get back and explore my "roots" a little. :) Enjoy the trip. Get some pizza! :)

  2. I have never been to NYC, so I expect lots of details so I can live through you Beth!