Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bad Couple of Days

First off thanks to all that wished me luck on today’s race, I am ashamed to say I did not race.

Here’s the story…..on Thursday my meeting in New York finished up with a nice lunch and some free time to walk through the American Museum of Natural History. Around 2pm we walked back to our hotel to grab our bags and meet our car to get to the airport. At the airport I decided to grab a sandwich and some pretzels to have on the flight as dinner. As I waited my stomach started to hurt and cramp a bit. I didn’t think much of it, I figured my body was just sick of being off schedule and not eating what I normally eat.

(Best Cupcake Ever)

As it got closer to boarding time I started to feel nauseous and I started to worry. I got to my window seat in the very back of the plane and thought I would be ok if I just drank my water and didn’t eat anything until I got home. As we were taking off I knew I was in trouble, I will spare you the details but it was the longest four and a half hours of my life. I have not been so happy to get off a plane in my life. I am still not sure if I had food poisoning or a stomach flu but I have no energy and still can’t eat normally.

I was so sad this morning not to be able to race, this is the second time I have had to stand on the sidelines to cheer Cory on at a race that I should have been running. In August I was injured and couldn’t run the Georgetown to Idaho Springs half marathon that both Cory and I had signed up for. It was fun to cheer Cory on but watching people race when I couldn’t just added salt to the wound. Cory encouraged me to stay home and rest but I didn’t want to pass up the chance to support him and see him put up an awesome time.

(35 minute clock time for 5 miles, I am sure that his chip time is even faster)

Hoping to get back to normal quickly!

Have you ever been sidelined from a race? Did you/would you go anyway?


  1. Sorry, Beth! I was thinking of you today as I was racing at the Chilly Cheeks...but really the paths were kinda icy so maybe you saved yoursef a twisted ankle or something worse :). Feel better soon, girl!!! (and yeah, I passed up 2 marathons and the CO Relay this summer, which I had paid for. BITES!)

  2. Aw Beth, I'm so sorry that happened! :( I hope you are recovering!!!

    I've only doen 2 races, so I haven't had enough time to be sidelined, but I'm sure its bound to happen.

  3. :( That stinks! Hope you are feeling better!