Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Changing the plan…

I was hopeful that an illness that was bothering me over the weekend wouldn’t put me off my plan but that was wishful thinking. After a terrible night’s sleep, I missed my morning workout and am off my game at work. I hate missing workouts but don’t want to prolong my illness either.  So I am changing things up a bit and hope to be back at things full tilt tomorrow

Here are the changes:
Monday: Yoga + hip and core exercises
Tuesday: Distance focus swim 3200 yd Skipped
6 mile fartlek run Instead of going outside in the cold to run hard I think I will do 60 min on the elliptical at the gym
Wednesday: 90 min spin class
Yoga/Pilates Class Easy yoga at home with this guys help:

Thursday: 60’ progression Run
Swim: Masters swim 2700 yds
Friday: 90 min spin class
Strength session
Saturday: 2.5 hour bike ride (snow forecasted, hello trainer)
Sunday: 15 mile run
Strength Session

If I can I would like to get in an extra swim this weekend to make up for missing this morning. Last year I skipped a lot of swims and paid for it on IM race day.
Do you change up your plan when you are sick? Take a bunch of time off or stick to the plan? 


  1. If you had what I'm just getting over, you'll be missing more than a couple workouts.
    I tend to take the time to recover fully. I see no point in getting in a couple half-assed workouts. I figure that your body can recover from sickness, or build strength and cardio, but not both, and trying to do both just means you'll be trying to do both for a long time.

  2. It depends on the sickness, I go by the old saying "Above the head its ok to keep going, below the neck, take the time off"