Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ironman Lake Tahoe Training Week 4

Training update is a couple days late but I had the day off yesterday and fully enjoyed a full day of recovery with the hubby. This week is a recovery week after three build weeks. The formula for during the work week usually looks about the same but the weekends are getting bigger and I have to say I love it. We got out on a 50 mile ride and 13 mile run this weekend and it was great to be out in the sun (too bad I don't have a heated outdoor pool to swim in) Guess I should move to San Diego!
Monday: Complete Rest =)
Tuesday: 90 minute interval run
Wednesday: 75 minute spin
60 minute strength 
Thursday: masters swim 
Friday: easy yoga  
Saturday: easy shake out run if time
Sunday: ING Miami Half Marathon ( thanks to Amanda)

I am happy for a recovery week, normally I am not that excited about them but it lines up perfectly for a mini taper for ING. But more importantly my legs are trashed after last weekend and I need to let the my muscles rest, recover and come back stronger. I didn't think that last weekend was that big of a weekend but I haven't been on my bike in a long time (mostly been on a spin bike) so the 50 miles left me tired and sore. Then on Sunday it was so nice to be out in 40 degree weather running that I pushed the pace on the 13 miles more than I have the past few weeks. Biggest lesson I learned was that spin class is great fun but I need more time on my bike, outside whenever I can or on the trainer.

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  1. Miami, as in Florida??? So jealous!! It is sooooo cold here right now. Good luck and have fun!!