Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ironman Lake Tahoe Training Week 1!!!

Good morning everyone, today was my first day to wake up back at 4:20am, it was a little painful after a week and a half vacation from work and super early alarms. It will get easier as the week goes on but it's always a little bit of a shock. It's already Wednesday (whaaaaaat?) but I thought I would list this weeks workouts since it's my first week in base training for Ironman Lake Tahoe. I have a long way to go so it's time to get after it!
Lake Tahoe#.jpeg

Monday: 2000 m swim with short transition to 2 hour bike ride brick
Tuesday: 13.2 mile run
Wednesday: 90 min spin class
Yoga/Pilates Class
Thursday: 60’ Tempo Run
Swim: 2900 yds
Friday: 75 minute spin  
Strength session
Swim/Bike Brick:Swim – 2500 yds, short transition 75’ on a spin bike
Sunday: 14 mile endurance run
Strength Session


  1. It is interesting to see everyones IM training plans, my volume is no where near yours... yet.... but it will be soon

    1. BDD are you doing Lake Tahoe too? I am terrified of the course, I made the mistake of looking at it again this morning.

  2. i am hoping we make to that race! would love to meet you!

    1. That would be SO amazing Lindsay!!! I will keep my fingers crossed.

  3. I heard that course was super tough... go you for tackling it! Sounds like you have an intense week of training. Hope it's going well.