Friday, January 25, 2013

Packing for Miami!!!

I am so excited to be heading to Miami tomorrow. I really hope I haven't forgotten anything, after a hectic day at work I laid everything out in the spare room of our house hoping that I would be able to make it all fit into my carry-on, I'm too cheep to pay the extra but I don't like to pack light. I love to have options so packing isn't my favorite task. I couldn't decide what to wear for the race so I packed two options
My forst choice is tank top and capris, my second choice is shorts and a t-shirt. It's like I have completely forgotten how to run in anything above 50 degrees. Race start is at 6 am (ugh, that's 4 am mountain time)
The race temps look pretty great, but the humidity is a little intimidating, I think the highest we have gotten lately in Colorado is less than 40%. No matter what I am so looking forward to this trip, hangin with Amanda from Run to the Finish and wearing my summer clothes that I had to pull out of storage. 

Anyone else racing this weekend? My mom and hubby are racing the Yeti Chase in Colorado. 


  1. I did the miami 70.3 in October... Don't let the weather channel fool you. Shorts and tshirtb(dry fit) or shorts and tank even. Despite the "chilly" morning, the humidity adds another element.
    Good luck! Have fun