Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 2013 Goals

 In an attempt to get to my BIG 2013 Resolutions I think it’s helpful to make monthly goals. I am a few days behind but that’s ok better late than never, riiiiight.

January is a hard time to train, it’s cold and dark 80% of the time. But it’s time to get after it anyway. Time to invest in cold weather gear to ride in and get used to the trainer again. Anyway here are some goals I would like to achieve in January:
1.       Train no less than 45 hours total for the month
2.       Miss no more than 3 planned workouts
3.       Don’t buy food out more than twice (traveling doesn’t count) I did this way too much in Dec. and it’s not good for the wallet or the waist!
4.       Blog at least 20 times (5 times a weekish) this is to work on the consistent
5.       Get organized before classes start and stay on schedule
6.       Take more pictures
There it is, hopefully January won’t hold any surprises for me, until then I will be dreaming of palm trees and Miami ING Half Marathon

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