Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hungover Half Marathon

Happy New Year! I hope you have recovered from all the fun you had last night and a ready to take on the new year. Cory and I slept in and then set out for our tradition of running a half marathon on New Years day. There isn't an official half in Colorado (that we know of) so for the last two years we have just ran a self supported 13.1 mile on a local trail. This year we decided that we really wanted to get up into the mountains. It was only 12 degrees so we tried to dress warm loaded up our hydration packs and headed out. DSCN7725.JPG

Two hats, two pairs of pants and two coast kept things from being two cold but I won't go so far as to say that I was "warm". But the trail was beautiful and the sun was shining so I can't complain. We were even sheltered from the wind by the heavy cover of trees.


It was difficult to eat and drink well on the run because our water and food froze. Luckily the view was worth it!


The plan for tonight is to eat a new chicken curry slow cooker recipe (will share if it's good) relax and get ready to go back to reality tomorrow.

What did you do on your first day of the year? Do you go back to work tomorrow?

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  1. Mike and I went to breakfast and then took a very long walk and in the afternoon we went for a short run. I'm very impressed with your half marathon - I was certainly hung over!