Thursday, November 15, 2012

Two Week Nutrition Check In

Just a little over two weeks ago I had an appointment with a sports nutritionist . In that appointment Dina encouraged me to give up processed cabs and starchy vegetables. I think I am most bummed about not having spaghetti squash and butternut squash soup. Overall it hasn't been as hard as I thought it might be but a few things have helped make it easier

  1. It's only for a couple months until I get to my desired "training weight" all that fro-yo will be waiting for me in January

  2. I do eat refined carbs after any workout that is 3 or more hours. I don't think Dina meant that to mean eat anything you want but that's how I take itSeptember 2012.jpg

  3. I have had some success. In the last two and ahalf weeks Ihave lost five pounds. For me that is a big win since at this point pounds don't come off very easily

I will admit I haven't been perfect, I have had some wine with dinner, there was a chinese take-out extravaganza on election night, and a couple catered meals at work that I just couldn't modify. I also don't plan on trying to be perfect all the time. On thanksgiving there will be no "rules" and it may get more difficult going into the holiday season but if I stick to the plan more than I don't than it will start me off in a better place January 1st.

Anyone else trying to drop a few pounds during the "soft season"?

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  1. Yes, and yes and I get so frustrated by it! We don't have a sports nutritionist in my area. I've often thought it has to be more than counting calories. I signed up for my first ironman this coming August and would like to slim up a bit.