Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Planning Races

I have a bit of Election Day hangover after staying up late (for me) to see the results. 4:20 am alarm felt very early this morning. But it felt good to get a spin class in before work this morning. Something I love to do is PLAN! I keep myself very busy between grad school, a full time job and triathlon training so good planning is necessary to fit everything in. Because I choose a late season Ironman this year I also have to be careful about my race planning this year so that I can peak at the right time and get all my training in. I worked with coach and this is the plan (as of now, I fully expect some things will change)

December: Stocking Run 5k


January: Yeti Chase 10k

April: Boulder Half Marathon? Holding off to see when our clubs Spring Training Camp is in Moab

May: Colorado Marathon and Summer Open Sprint Triathlon
Colorado Marathon.png

July: Still looking to add some shorter triathlons in July

August: Boulder 70.3

September: Ironman Lake Tahoe

What are your plans for 2013??


  1. Whoa, that is one HELL of a race schedule!! You're making me feel so far behind in my planning!! I would love to do the CO Marathon some year, it was on my list this year before surgery.. And IM Tahoe should be INCREDIBLE!!! Awesome!

    1. HA! If I had just ran a 50 miler I would not be planning 2013 yet. I took a nice long break after CDA so I am happy to get back at it. Let me know if you sign up for CO marathon, I LOVED it when I ran it in 2011!