Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turkey Day 10k

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I enjoyed a full day with my family but I think my favorite part of the day was the start, a family race. My brother and dad raced the 5k togetherDSCN7574.JPG

While Mom, Cory and I ran the 10k DSCN7578.JPG

Cory and I have done this race the last tree years and mom joined us last year. This year the temperature was perfect for running in the upper 50s. Mom and I both decided to wear last years' race shirt so we ended up as twins.DSCN7577.JPG

While the temps were great there was a wicked headwind on the second half of the race which was also the uphill section. This made it practically impossible to negative split. Mom said that's not her style anyway.DSCN7586.JPGThis year was a new course which we didn't like as well but the first part through the park was nice. Cory, mom and I all ran together. My mom is coming back from a few injuries and is doing awesome. Her big goal is a half marathon in June and she is going to KILL IT! Even with the difficult conditions she as able to get a PR of 1:00:28 to win her age group. Cory and I had a great time running with mom and were happy to see her do sowell. We hung around to watch Dad and Erik (big brother) finish up the 5k DSCN7600.JPGThe race wasn't doing awards that day so we grabbed some water and our race t's before heading outDSCN7601.JPG

Normally I really like readline runnings shirts but there was a mix up with the shirts and there is no graphic on the t-shirts. Also our arm-warmers did not come in. I feel a bit bad for the race director as it seems a lot of things went wrong but I wasn't stoked about all the changes from last year. Next we we all decided we want to race the family 5k together.


  1. What s great way to spend family time!

    1. Hey Christi! It was my favorite part of the day =)

  2. I ran this race too! That headwind was brutal coupled with an uphill on the return. I guess Josh wanted us to get our maximum calorie burn. :) I normally love Redline races but I wasn't thrilled with changes this year either. The course measured short for me by .17 so even though I ran a great time for me ~ 50:33! ~ I was a little let down. And there was a lot of waiting around for the raffle prizes when I really just wanted to get home and get my bird in the oven. That being said, I will still run it next year. I'm friends with Josh and his family so I like to support them. (And he was twisted in a knot about the tee-shirts and arm warmers!)