Monday, November 5, 2012

This Week in Workouts

I hope everyone is doing ok out there, I can't believe what some of you on the East Coast are going through. I am thankful to have a lot of my family here with me in Colorado safe and sound. Life here keeps chugging on with beautiful temps that allow for outside riding in November.

My week is shaping up like usual for prep training, nothing crazy
Monday: am- master swim workout 2800 
pm- hip and core strength work
Tuesday: pm- Run speed work ~6 miles plus plyo work
Wednesday: am- 90 min spin
pm- strength work
Thursday: am- hip and core work
pm- masters swim
Friday: am- 60 minute tempo run 
pm- hip and core work
Saturday: Swim/Run brick 2250 swim short transition to 15 mile run
Sunday:  2-2.5 hour bike ride with long hills and strength session

Total Hours: 16 hrs (not too bad!) 

Now for the November Photo-a-day today's prompt was 5 o'clock.

 My brain went straight to 5 am and what I am normally doing at this time. The first thing that came to mind was spin class. 5 pm now just makes me think of the darkness that I will be running in from now until April =( guess I better get used to it!

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