Thursday, November 8, 2012

Holiday Fun

I LOVE this time of year. I like the cooler weather and the holidays that seem to come one on top of the other. The colors are beautiful and it's fun to run through the leaves


I also love that this time of year comes with fun blogger "challenges" two that I am participating in start this month. First Pile on the Miles put on by Monica at Run Eat Repeat


I joined this challenge but it's definitely not my shining moment, it really shines a light on how little I run compared to real runners. A challenge that I am more suited to and excited about is Holiday Booty Buster Challenge


This challenge includes all types of workouts and healthy eating, you also choose a category and compete against people with the same goals as you. Copy and Pasted from the sight:

This year you will pick the segment that best describes your current/planned activity level for the next few months and that will help make the points within a group more competitive. Continuing with putting our best foot forward you will be grouped by the shoe that fits:

  • Low Profile: 5K, 10K, cardio class master (includes CrossFit)

  • Cushioned: Half marathon/marathon/distance biking

  • Stability: Half Ironman or more

  • Minimalist: Yoga/Weight lifting

You should expect to continue earning points for activity in any area,cross training, but by selecting your primary activity throughout the challenge you can be more competitive for the top points prizes.

I signed up for Stability, I am questioning that choice a little bit as I am not technically training for half ironman, ironman or anything else that long at the moment. In truth I wont race anything longer than a half marathon until May. So maybe I should drop to cushioned. Also there are only two of us signed up in that category right now, I guess I will think about that more.

How do you feel about challenges? Are you participating in any? Any others I should know about?


  1. I think challenges are great for staying motivated, especially when I don't have a big race on the radar. I would fall in the cushioned category at the moment.

    1. Yeah, I think I might be in the cushioned category as well!