Monday, November 12, 2012

This Week in Workouts 2

I think this will be a recurring post until after the new year when it will change to "Ironman Lake Tahoe -Training week X". Until then I will enjoy my "off season prep time while it's here.

Monday: Easy spin, yoga and Hip and core work (must not get injured)

Tuesday: am- Run speed work ~7 miles plus plyo work pm

Wednesday: am- 90 min spin

pm- strength work

Thursday: am- hip and core work

pm- masters swim

Friday: am- 60 minute tempo run

pm- hip and core work

Saturday: Swim/Bike brick 2800 swim short transition to 2 hr ride (not sure how this will work since I am working on saturday, this may have to change from a transition workout to an am/pm workout)

Sunday: 18 mile run and strength work

I am bummed that my bike work as moved completely inside, I don't mind running in the cold but I HATE riding in the cold. It would be nice to get in a long-ish bike ride in (4 hours +) but it stinks to do that indoors.

THe photo prompt for today was drink:Nuun.jpeg

Nuun is one of my favorite drinks after coffee, beer, wine, margaritas......They really should come out with a margarita flavor. I really do drink a lot of nuun and have started buying it in bulk. What is your favorite drink?

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