Saturday, February 12, 2011

Get Well Plan and 40 Miles

I am still sick, over two weeks of being sick and I am OVER it! This morning I decided to make a get well plan:

  1. Get at least 8 hours of sleep
  2. Drink 96+ oz of water a day
  3. Take vitamins and drink Emergen-C
  4. Drink green tea
  5. Eat whole healthy foods

I plan to follow these rules until I feel better, I have a 10 mile race on Saturday and I need to be well!

Even though I am not feeling 100% I was still excited to get outside for a 40 mile bike ride today. We drove up to Boulder for our ride because they didn't get as much snow as Denver and Colorado Springs did. It was very windy and a few crazy drivers that almost ran us over but it was still better than riding inside.

On the calendar for tomorrow is a 16 mile run. I am still debating if I should run inside or outside. I like running outside so much more and the highs or supposed to be in the 60's, but running inside is easier. Choosing something just because it's easier isn't a good idea so I just decided......outside it is!

What kind of supplements do you take?

I take:
  • Glucosamine for joint health
  • Fish Oil
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Multivitamin


  1. Uck, I hope you feel a lot better soon! The Vitamin C will really help - I downed that stuff a couple weeks ago when I was feeling miserable and it only lasted a few days.

    I take L-Glutamin for a couple days after a long run or a hard workout. I take Flaxseed and Chia seeds (though technically not a suppliment??) a multivitamin and will start taking D-Ribose here again soon as my milels build, heel permitting.

  2. Hope you're feeing better. yay on the 40 mile bike ride. I take fish oil. Udo's oil is great..have you heard of it? Google it. I also take a multi vitamin by Alive. I should take more.

  3. Get better soon! Thank you for sharing your supplements--I have been considering glucosamine for myself and Cooper (as a preventative measure)!

    COngrats on the 40 miler and GOOD LUCK THIS SATURDAY!

  4. I feel for you! I got sick after Christmas and it lasted most of January... yuck!

    Supplements: I take a multivitamin, calcium and B complex vitamins.