Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Do you Choose Your Races?

How do you choose your races you want to enter? Do you like big races with a lot of support or quieter races without tons of people, do you prefer a city race or on that's out in the country?

I prefer smaller races that are not in the city, the ideal is a small trail race, the draw back is that these races don't tend to be well supported. I really don't like big races that run through the city, which is funny because I chose to live IN Denver (when I retire I want to have goats, pigs and live on the Oregon coast. Thank you all for your input on doing an ironman this year. I am still debating about a fall 2011 ironman, I am heavily leaning towards doing it this summer, now I just need to choose a race and convince my husband!

It's too late to sign up for a fall Ford Ironman, so I will have to choose from unincorporated races. I am trying to choose between Rev 3 cedar point, Grand Columbian and Redman.

Have you done any of these races, which one is the most rural and scenic?

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  1. I pick races based on a lot of things - where my team is racing, where my hubbies team is racing, is it somewhere new and exciting, does it fit my shcedule, how much is it going to cost me, etc. :) No golden rule of thumb!

    Of course I'm a little biased, but I think you should do Rev3 for sure. There are going to be an amazing amount of bloggers up there and it's going to be a party! Plus, Rev3 races are top notch! :) (I have $10 off for you too!)