Friday, February 18, 2011

Pure Bliss

I have today off from work and it is pure bliss! Monday is a work holiday but I will be working so I am taking today off instead and it is so nice. I plan on catching up on some blogs that I love and haven't had time for, doing some laundry and continuing to listen to Born To Run (I downloaded it from the public library, yay for free audio books!)
I am really enjoying this book, in graduate school I took a human evolution class, and while we didn't learn about the evolution of running I can see the argument that we are meant to be running people. Have you read this book? If not I highly recommend it, be aware that it does delve into human evolution and I know that is a controversial issue.

Have you ever heard of eating chia seeds, (you know, like cha-cha-cha-Chia!)** consuming Britney Chia is not recommended.

Eating Chia seeds was mentioned in the book and I am now really interested in them as a nutrition source. I haven't heard of anyone consuming them but I hope to get some this weekend and do some research on how to prepare them, maybe in a green monster?

I have a 10 mile race tomorrow so no structured workout today other than a walk with my dogs when my hubby gets home from work.

Happy blissful Friday everyone!


  1. I haven't tried Chia seeds but they are mentioned alot in the cleanse I did last month. They would be perfect in your green monster smoothie!!!

  2. Have fun in your race!!! I would love to hear more from you on incoporating Chia seeds and the benefits!

  3. I've been eating chia seeds over a year now. I put them in my shake, in pancakes, I even put them in shortcakes instead of poppy seeds.
    Enjoy the book!

  4. Did you do the snowman stampede? At least it wasn't snowing! :)

    What nutritional benefits do chia seeds have? I'm interested!