Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Sunday

Normally Cory and I go out of town for Valentine's day or our dating anniversary (March 2nd, this year will be 8 years). Last year we went to Aspen and it was so much fun.
(getting a Valentines hug from a bear in Aspen)
This year we can't go anywhere for Valentines day because we both have important projects at work and can't take a long weekend. I hope that we get to go somewhere in March but we haven't had a chance to plan anything yet.

Instead of running 16 miles today Cory and I decided to push it to tomorrow night (romantic side-by-side running) so we could spend more time hanging out today. We had a wonderfully laid back day. It seems like forever since we have had a day off together where half the day wasn't spent working out. Today we got up and had omelets and homemade cinnamon rolls, after doing some chores we headed to Whole Foods for lunch. I had a vegetarian toasted sandwich with brie and apples, Cory had a slice of margarita pizza. I also got a cupcake that I will eat later tonight :)
Then we went to Pinkberry for some yummy Blood Orange frozen yogurt to eat while browsing around Barnes and Nobel, I love book stores. We then headed to the mall so I could shop for my 30th birthday present. My birthday was about five months ago but I just couldn't decide what I wanted....until now! I wanted something that would last and that I would love and I finally found what I wanted in a magazine. I decided I wanted a rose gold bracelet set with pave diamonds.
I went to Nordstrom to try on a similar style before buying it online. I am so excited, I love it and it will match the rose gold watch Cory got me for Christmas. We then went to watch Just Go With It, the new Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler movie. Unfortunately it wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but it was still really nice to just hang out with my hubby.

I am off to eat my cupcake, our local weatherman issued a cuddle alert for tonight and tomorrow =)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. That cupcake LOOKS DELISH!!!!!! Happy V-Day!!! You will be blinging!! Rose gold is beautiful!