Friday, February 11, 2011

Race Pace

This mornings workout called for a tempo run that I planned on breaking it up into 2 miles of marathon pace, 2 miles at 10 mile pace and 2 miles at marathon pace. I am not sure what my paces should be so I used the McMillan site.

Most of you probably already know about McMillan Running Calculator , if you don't check it out it's pretty cool!

If you have used it do you find it accurate? According to my 5k time I should be able to finish a marathon in 4:12. Even though the Colorado Marathon is considered a fast course, I am not sure that I can run it that fast. I know to a lot of people that is slow but not for me. Truly my big goal is to finish in less than 5 hours, I would LOVE to finish in less than 4:30.

Happy Friday everyone!!

1 comment:

  1. I say train like you can and let the race day determine your pace. You might build more confidence running faster on your long runs.

    4:12 and 4:30 are both outstanding!!