Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 4 Goals

Week four goals and week three recap: ( I can't believe it's almost February!)

  1. try two new recipes this week, and share them
  2. Work on riding in aero position
  3. Make sure to get in all my vitamins everyday
  4. Make a doctors appointment to work on my asthma

Week 3 recap:
  1. Get back on track by following my training plan all week work derailed me for one day but it was an A for effort.....
  2. Really, actually do plank.....really. Some nights.
  3. Track my calories all week to get a baseline try to stay between 1600 and 1800 calories yup, even though it took a lot of time.
  4. Don't stress at work too much, it's going to be a draining week but it will pass. Still working on this one.

To start the week of right I tried a new recipe, I got it out of Matt Fitzgerald's Racing Weight.

Tuna Mac n' Cheese:

This meal was was a little bland. I did like that it had a lot of vegetables in it. Not every recipe will be a winner, but I will keep

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