Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back to reality

Today is my first day back to work after two weeks off. Man it’s hard to get back to the grind even when I LOVE my job and love the people that I work with. I would consider myself a morning person but when my alarm goes off at 4:20 am (seriously) it’s not fun. I got myself out the door and to the gym this morning for a quick 30 min tempo run and an hour of Body Pump. I have pretty much figured out my training plan for January (I just need to decide what my swim intervals will be).

The basic Format is:

Sunday: Long run 8-12 miles
Monday: Rest day with easy yoga in the pm
Tuesday: am interval swim and pm interval run 4-6 miles
Wednesday: Weightlifting class and long swim 2000 yards
Thursday: am spin class and pm yoga
Friday: tempo run with hill repeats 4-6 miles total
Saturday: Long bike ride, on the trainer for now between 60-90 minuets

** I will not be able to follow this Mon-Thur of next week given that I am in New York for a meeting and it is too far to get to a real gym so I can’t swim or bike. I can use the treadmill and elliptical in the hotel’s dinky gym and that will have to do.

All of this is very fluid and changes all the time. I am interested in going to a masters swim practice but I am a bit intimidated, have any of you ever been to one? Would you recommend it? Happy Humpday people!


  1. I haven't been to masters swim class but have heard nothing but great things! I say go for it! Nice plan BTW, always nice to have it laid out, you know?

  2. I've not been to masters either, but simply because there isn't one nearby. If there was, I'd be there in a heart beat. I know it's intimidating, but you'll be thanking yourself for going.

    Looks like a great plan. I think flexibility with it is super important... especially in January! I'm finding the same with mine!

  3. Can't comment on the masters class, but I can commiserate on being back to work after two weeks off. yuck!

  4. Yay for having a plan!
    wow. How do you get up that early? What time do you go to bed?