Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Tri bars

Even though I am still sick I had a great morning. Cory and I had a leisurely morning, we took advantage of the fact that we didn't get up early to bike or run and headed out to breakfast at the egg and I. We then headed over to bike village but we got there about a half an hour before they opened. So we had to go to Starbucks to kill time.
After we were done killing time we headed back to Bike Village and bought a pair of clip on aero bars for my bike.I know this isn't the best solution but I am hoping that I can get through one more season on my road bike with clip-ons then invest in a true tt-bike.My bike on the trainer in my basement, where I hope to spend some time tomorrow. I really suck at using the trainer, it's hard for me to keep my motivation and cadence up.

Do you use a bike trainer? How do you keep yourself going for hours?

Tomorrow is technically a holiday for me, I had planned on going in to try to catch up after being out last week but I think one more day of rest will make the rest of the week bearable.


  1. Thanks for the input! I'm definitely going to be emailing you tomorrow, when I'm less "tipsy" :) Blame the Jets :D

    I wish I had a bike trainer, because that would mean that I actually had my bike!!

  2. Sorry to hear you missed the race on Sunday! I wish tomorrow was a holiday...somehow I got the short end of the stick. How do I technically work for the government, but don't get all federal holidays off?! Something is amiss.

    Enjoy your day off!

  3. Not Sunday...Saturday. Race on Saturday. Unfortunately, unlike Katie I cannot blame the Jets nor being tipsy.

  4. Lol in my tipsy state I thought you were tri fit mom butttt, thank you for having me on your blog roll and I will definitely be reading for tri info! :D

  5. Hi there!
    I love my trainer...but not for hours. Maybe 1.5 hrs tops! and at that point most my riding is outdoors.


  6. I love my trainer can be really efficient on it & get a lot of work done in a short time. The key is to find or design workouts that have a lot of blocks or intervals of differet type of work. I never get on & ride for 60 or 90's broken up into 6 or 10 minute chunks that can be repeated with changing cadence, effort, etc to keep it a least a little interesting!

  7. My trainer plan is to either do intervals because it makes the time go fast or read People magazine. :) I'm not much help am I?