Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I changed my mind…..

So last week I wrote a post about paying the price for inconsistent training, how I missed key workouts and was going to have to drop to the half marathon. My coach suggested the switch and I agreed it was the SMART choice. I decided I was going to switch but was fairly grumpy about it and wasn’t really looking forward to racing the half. I ran the full in 2011 and loved it. Added to that was the lingering disappointment that I skipped last year’s marathon due to an injury while training for IMCDA.

On top of being grumpy about dropping to the half, I found out it would cost $20 to switch. I understand why they charge, it takes staff time to change people and they don’t want a bunch of people switching. But I had already paid for the more expensive race I didn’t want to pay more to do the half. The nail in the coffin was Cory telling me he still wanted to run the full (he had done a little less training than I had) and he thought I could do the full if I wanted. I was sold, and magically excited about the race again. I was excited to run a marathon, to get my second open marathon in the books and I really didn’t care what my time was. I knew with my shabby training that I was undertrained, there would be no PR and it would hurt but I was still happy to be there.


And I survived and had a lot of fun, ok, the last 10k sucked and hurt but doesn’t it always? I don’t care that I didn’t PR or run fast at all, it was an event and I had a really good time. My parents came out to cheer for us and seeing them at mile 21 really lifted my spirits, thanks mom and dad! I will write a race report later this week to talk about race details. For now I am trying to recover and be able to walk normally.

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